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How to Spot Bed Bugs and Eliminate Them

how to spot bed bugs and eliminate them


Bed bugs are the insects that hide in the places where we sleep and these suck the blood of an individual without even letting him know about it. These often come at night and keep on hiding in an un noticeable way. When a person watches out the bite marks on his back while he wakes up in the morning, this gives him a clue that perhaps the place has got bed bugs in it. Often the people who keep on traveling place to place and hire rooms in hotels and motels for this purpose are at a risk of coming across these creatures and in case you need to know how to spot these creatures, simply go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

 how to spot bed bugs and eliminate them

How to Spot Bed Bugs and Eliminate Them

1. The Signs that you’re back shows you tell A Lot:-

Just the moment when you wake up, show your back to your partner or look at your back in the mirror. If it has got some ted patched developed in it which were not present earlier when you booked the hotel room, it is but obvious that the room has got bed bugs in it.

2. Examine The Cracks, Crevices And The Areas Where There Is No Light:-

It has been scientifically proven that the cracks, crevices and the areas where they is no light for major period of time become the hideouts of bed bugs majorly and thus it is advised that there should be proper healing of cracks and crevices in your living room. The store room should also be cleaned regularly and there should be a proper lightning arrangement as well.

3. The Traces of Bed Bugs That They Left Behind:-

It has been observed that bed bugs leave fecal stains where they inhibit and these stains are nothing but the half-digested blood sucked from an individual’s body. These fecal stains can be bought in use to spot if the place is infested with bed bugs or not in an easy way. Simply examine if there are some fecal spots in your surroundings and you will be able to have a clue about it.

4. Inspect the sleeping area carefully:-

Another approach that may be bought in use to spot, the bed bugs is to go for the inspection of the sleeping area before sleeping. Simply check the mat, mattress, quilts, etc. and then only go for sleeping. If there is some bed bug hiding in this area, this will easily give you a clue about it and you will be able to spot it as well.

5. The active monitors may even help you a lot:-

In some cases, people positioned the interception devices under the paws of their bed and couch and it was observed that when the bed bugs infested that area, the active monitors gave an idea to the master that a bed bug has arrived. These can also be connected with the active bait traps for the bed bugs to trap and catch them easily. In case if none of the mentioned approaches seems to bring you the desired benefits, simply bring home an insecticide nozzle spray and spray it up in the cracks and crevices. The bed bugs will die and their dead bodies will be found lying out of those cracks and crevices.


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