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6 Super Tips to Spin a Football on Your Finger

How to spin a football on Your Finger


Tricking with a ball is not a new thing. When you see a footballer celebrating like anything while celebrating his victory spinning the football over his finger, it fills your mind with joy inexplicable to try performing the same trick. Spinning a football on your finger is an easy job. All it takes is a bit of tricks and a bit of talent. Once you learn how to perform this trick, you become a master in it soon. In order to learn how to spin a football over your finger, you can try and practice these simple steps:-

How to spin a football on Your Finger

How to Spin a Football on Your Finger

1. Reach the Vertical Grooves: –

In order to spin a football over your finger, you should reach its vertical groves first. You do not need to reach the horizontal ones as else it spoils the angle and though you are still able to spin a football, but the spin gets affected in between interrupting it in an unfavorable way and the ball falls below on the ground jumping from your finger.

2. Know Where You Need To Provide Support:-

While spinning a football on your finger, you should know the perfect angle to do this according to your comfort. Also, you should know where you will need to provide the back-up support to your football. When the ball is just about to fall from the first finger, you should immediately take a grab of it. This prevents you from getting discouraged.

3. It Is All About Balancing the Ball:-

Spinning a ball on your finger just includes your balancing skills. All you need for this approach is a perfect position of your shoulder, a bit of motivation and lots of balancing skills. The more you are able to keep the football balanced over your finger, the more your football keeps spinning over it.

4. Your Elbow Should Be Comfortable:-

While spinning a football, your elbow should be in a comfortable position. This enhances your spin preventing every sort of disturbance in between. Keep your elbow comfortable and then place the football over your finger. You can provide an additional support of the other finger till you do not give it a spin to prevent the ball from falling.

5. Giving It a Spin:-

Here comes a time to spin your ball. Place the ball over your middle finger in such a way that all the other fingers are in a bended position. This will enable you to stretch them up whenever your ball needs a support. Now you can give your ball a spin with your hand. Rotating the ball with it and then you have to take that hand back in order to let the ball start spinning.

6. Keep Fortifying yourself:-

Keep practicing the same approach again and again every time you come home after playing football. You can try this approach everywhere if you have an access to a football. Keep practicing it again and again to fortify yourself against the same and one day you will be a perfect football finger spinner for sure.


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