6 Best Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

6 Tips to Speed Up Your Computer


It has been seen that with lots of trash accumulated in a computer’s hard disk and with less availability of RAM, the system gets slowed down and thus needs to be cleaned in order to make it speed boosted once again with perfect downloading speed as well as perfect application running capability. There are various ways in which you can do this and this does not even demand much to be spent from your side. You can easily speed up your computer following the tips that we are mentioning here.

6 Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

How to Speed Up Your Computer

1. Take the RAM Out, Clean It and Then Position It Back:-

First of all in order to speed up your computer, check the RAM if it is functional as it used to be and if you find it to be all right, position it back to the dedicated slot for it after wiping it off with a piece of clean cloth. This will make the computer start working a bit faster.

2. Increase The RAM If You Feel The Need of It:-

In case you find some scratches with the RAM, simply replace it with a new one as it is the RAM only that makes the system run with speed. In case there is only one RAM chip in your computer’s CPU, say 512mb, you can add another chip of 512 mb to the second slot getting it from the computer hardware store positioning it to the second slot meant for it.

3. Clean Up the Hard Disk:-

The third approach that you can choose to go for in order to make your computer run with boosted speed is to get the hard disk cleaned. This will make you have computer’s speed boosted to a bit increased extent.

4. Go For Installing New Windows:-

It is my personal experience that whenever new windows are installed in a system, it starts working with a speed double than before as to install a new version of windows means to format all the data that the computer was filled with along with the junk and trash that was making it slow and thus you may also choose to go for having new windows installed with your system so as to speed it up.

5. Use The Temp Files Clearing Trick:-

Another approach that you will need to follow is to use the temporary files clearing trick with the system. Simply click the windows key plus the “R” key and the run menu will appear in which you are to type the keywords like “prefetch”,”temp”,”%temp%” etc and delete all the temporary files that get opened in these dedicated storage folders. After you have cleaned the recycle bin, follow the same procedure again but this time type “tree” and a black kind of window will flash on the screen showing the tree of all connected folders clearing up the system and the speed will get increased this way.

6. Have Cleaner Installed In Your System:-

In case you still find the computer to be slow, I think there is a need to have a cleaner installed within the system and after you run the cleaner, it will display you all the sort of trash that can be deleted so as to make computer work faster and as good as new once again.


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