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How to Speed up U-Torrent Guide

How to Speed Up U-Torrent


µ-torrent or simply u-torrent is software that enables you to have superfast download of anything within the go. You simply just need to copy the link and paste it and the torrent will get downloaded within a couple of time. In case of the files that you have found as torrents to be downloaded, these need to be simply loaded to the app and you get sorted but sometimes it has been seen that the download speed for some of the torrents get somewhat low and in order to speed up u-torrent, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Speed up U-Torrent Guide

How to Speed up U-Torrent Guide

1.  Try using a modem instead of a Wi-Fi:-

The first approach that can be bought in use to get the u-torrent speed boosted up is to go for using modem or SIM card based data rather than to use a Wi-Fi as the data speed in case of a Wi-Fi can be slow because of shared data with multiple devices or else you may try blocking up the other connections made via hotspot.

2. Check if there are torrents in queue:-

In case you have selected multiple torrents to be downloaded, this might also prevent the data speed as well. Simply check the queue settings entering in the application settings and then pause all the other torrents and download them one by one.  This saves the bandwidth and thus the speed of application gets boosted.

3. Try upgrading the version:-

In some of the cases where you are bringing an older version of u-torrent in use, this might also have got a lack of bandwidth and the application might get slowed down. In such case you are advised to get the application updated to the latest version first of all as it is sure to have speed increased than the previous one.

4. Try changing the maximum download speed:-

In some other cases, the option to increase or decrease the speed of application can also be bought in use. In such cases, simply make a double click on the download and a pop up menu will appear. The maximum download speed can be selected like this and this way increasing the speed, you can speed up the entire application.

5. Switch to a better data plan:-

In other cases you may choose to enquire about the existing data plan on your device and switch to an even faster and powerful data plan instead of it. The speed check can be made using applications like net speed test etc. Which are readily available on play store or if you are making use of a computer, you may simply reach the speed test website.

6. Check the number of seeders:-

Seeders are those who continue to share the file after it has been downloaded and in order to speed up the download speed of the torrent file, you may also choose to check for these seeders and the more the number of these seeders, the faster the download will be. Simply connect with the file that has got maximum number of seeders and you get sorted.


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