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How Speed Bumps Damage Your Car Parts

How Speed Bumps Damages Cars


A speed bump refers to a bump or breaker on the road which is built in order to make you slow down your speed. It is basically a traffic calming structure which is bought in use to make people slow down their vehicles at a particular point on the road. It uses a vertical deflection to slow down a motor vehicle. These devices are mainly found in the areas where vehicle speeds are supposed to be kept low. The usage of these speed bumps on roads creates many controversies and people report damage to their cars made by this device in several situations. Here we are discussing how far this statement goes with truth and how much false is this statement.

How Speed Bumps Damage Car

How Speed Bumps Damage Car Parts

1. Damages the base of car:-

When a car tries to pass a poorly designed speed-bump, the sharp or pointed angle of the speed bump will make it hard for the vehicle to pass without damage. Though it is ok with small cars, but when a luxury car tries to pass through one such speed bump, it is most likely to meet damage even at a low speed.

2. Damage the Shock Absorbers:-

Most of the cars have shock absorbers to absorb the imperfections of the road. These are positioned in order to make you able to pass bricks, ditches and other such impediments that you are likely to find over the road. These shock absorbers get damaged when you try to cross an ill-constructed speed-bump and thus spoil your driving experience.

3. Speed Bumps Can Destroy Your Steering:-

When your car’s shock absorbers get damaged, the rest of functioning of your car also gets damaged. You feel each and every impediment in your way while driving. Steering also leaves your company and you feel vibrations while driving the car ahead.

4. Speed Bumps Can Destroy Your Exhaust System:-

Most of the cars come positioned with exhaust systems that make it a bit quiet and efficient. These also help to reduce the emissions made by your car. When you try to move your car ahead from a speed bump, the exhaust system of your car is also prone to get damaged. In some cars which are extra long in length, the base of your car hits the speed bump badly when you try to cross it.

5. Breaks The Bumper And Even Tires:-

Bumper is a plastic portion fitted at the front and back of your car. In case of long luxury cars, the bumper is likely to hit the road when you try to cross a speed bump. Now as it is made of plastic, the bumper gets damaged and thus your car’s look gets spoiled.

6. Depends partially On the Driver As Well:-

If speed bumps will damage your car or not, this partially depends on the quality of driver as well. I have been driving since last ten years and my car never met any damage because of a speed bump. I follow a single mantra. To drive my car according to the speed limit. Below 40kmph in the city and below 60kmph on main roads. Slow down your car while passing a speed bump and it won’t meet any damage.


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