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How Soy Foods Help During Menopause

How Soy Foods Help During Menopause


Menopause is a particular time in a female’s life when her menstrual periods stop permanently. Such a woman can no longer have children and this occurs to a woman around 45 to 55 years of age. “Menopause”, two separate words mix up to form this word. i.e. men and pause. Which means that after this stage, men’s sexual sentiments will meet a pause and he won’t be able to make his wife pregnant anymore. This happens as women experience a decline of estrogen hormone during this stage. “Soy is the food which can help women to get relieved against such symptoms of menopause. Here are some ways in which soy can help you during menopause:-

How Soy Foods Help During Menopause

How Soy Foods Help During Menopause

1. Soy Increases the Number of Photo estrogen In Your Body:-

It has been found that soy is rich in the content of isoflavones which has got the properties like that of estrogen. Soy increases the amount of photo estrogen in the body of associated lady and thus she feels better once again. Such artificial estrogen helps to bind to estrogen receptors and function like a substitute of estrogen hormone in the female body.

2. The rise in estrogen makes you feel normal again:-

When your body experiences a kind of rise in estrogen level because of this artificial or photo estrogen, it makes you feel normal once again as you get relieved against much of the symptoms or signs that menopause makes you experience.

3. Know how this happens:-

Actually, there are two kinds of hormones present in both males as well as females. This includes the names “Estrogen” as well as “Testosterone”. Estrogen is the hormone of females while testosterone is a hormone of manhood. Though these hormones are present in both, males as well as females, but still a female needs estrogen in an excess while males need testosterone in an excess. The lack of same estrogen hormone is responsible for menopause in females and when they get it in the form of photo-estrogen; they get relieved against the symptoms of menopause.

4. Harmful for Men but Good for Women:-

An excess of estrogen hormone is harmful for men but beneficial for women. This is the only reason because of which males are asked never to consume soy while women are always recommended with a diet added in “soy” to bring about a significant rise in level of estrogen hormone in their body.

5. Helps to Counteract Potential Weight Gain:-

It has rather been seen and noticed that soy food also helps a woman to counteract potential weight gain during menopause and thus a woman can add it to her diet to avail this benefit. Besides this, soy is not a harmful item and thus it never makes you overcome any side effect at all.

6. Soy Helps In Treatment of Hot Flashes:-

Hot Flashes serve to be one of the signs or symptoms of menopause. Studies have revealed that the women consuming soy in their diet always stay one step away from experiencing symptoms or signs like Hot Flashes in their life after forties or fifties which is the age of menopause.


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