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How Do You Know if Someone is Lying or Not

How Do You Know When someone is lying


Just imagine how wonderful the life would have become in case we could get a clue about every person who comes in our life. We could easily get a clue if someone is real or fake and what sort of intentions a particular person has got in his mind for us. What if I say that this is possible if you keep in mind some tricks that we are mentioning here that will easily give you a clue what sort of intentions someone has kept in his mind for you?

How Do You Know if Someone is Lying or Not

How Do You Know if Someone is Lying or Not

1. The Eye Contact That The Person Makes:-

True is when they say that there is always a thief hidden in a person who can’t make an eye contact with you while talking, but in today’s world, the liars have become so full of guts that they can lie to you even after making an eye contact with you. Still, this approach proves to be successful in judging most of the people.

2. Check If the Smile is true or not:-

Another thing that may help you determine the fakeness of someone’s words is his or her smile. Often the liars are associated with a cruel smile on their face. Start judging people by their smile and there will come a point of time when you will be able to make a guess easy if a person is lying to you or not.

3. Let Them Earn Your Trust first:-

It is always good that you don’t trust the people directly and instead try to let them earn it first. This way most of the fake people will stay away as the fake ones never like to earn your trust and instead they will keep on trying their tricks of cunningness on you which can easily give you an idea if a person is lying to you.

4. Check the Behaviour:-

The behaviour that a person makes while talking to you can also give you an easy clue if he is true or not. Simply refuse about some things and check what impact does it makes on him or her. If he or she gets agitated easily, it means the person was lying to you while telling you the circumstances.

5. The Test of Loyalty:-

In case, you fear there is something wrong about the relations and your partner is the one who keeps on lying to you about his office meetings or the meetings with friends, it may have a bit big reason behind and you may need to have a loyalty test in such a case by spying on your hubby.

6. The Test of Rudeness:-

Check if the person gets rude to you while speaking, if you refuse for some things to him. The people who lie to you have always got a thief hidden somewhere inside them and this way it gets caught when he or she shows you the rude behaviour out of nothing. In some cases the crossing of fingers, shivering while speaking and other such signs of trembling may even make you get a clue when a person is lying to you.


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