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Why Do Snowflakes Have Six Sides

why do all snowflakes have six sides and six points


Snowflakes are the part or portions of snow that fall from the sky in cool area. It is dependent on the temperature and humidity conditions and as we know that the water evaporated reaches the cool region, gets condensed and forms ice, these snowflakes gets generated and in order to depict these snowflakes, we make them in such a way that it resembles them having six sides instead of having a circular, cubical or oval structure and in order to demonstrate why this is done, we have bought some facts for you.

why do all snowflakes have six sides and six points

Why Do Snowflakes Have Six Sides

1. The Fact That the Snow Flakes Are Crystals:-

First of all, let me tell you that snowflakes are also the crystals of ice only. These crystals get formed when the particles extremely cool in nature come closer along with the droplets that have got frozen and then a solid mass gets formed. The size sides are made in order to have crystal structure representation

2. The Fact That a Snowflake is built Molecule By Molecule:-

A snowflake gets formed molecule by molecule. Each and every time a snowflake starts growing, it moves past the droplets of water and many molecules of water are added to it. The adding of molecules makes it get a three dimensional image that cannot be demonstrated simply by drawing a circle or square and hence a six sided structure is drawn.

3. The Structure of Snow Flake Is Basically ā€œVā€ Shaped:-

The structure of snowflakes is basically ā€œVā€ shaped in nature. There are atoms of oxygen and hydrogen trapped in them. The oxygen atom has a nature to have strong attraction to the electron clouds of the two hydrogen atoms and this is why it has the tendency to pull them closer to it. This makes the two hydrogen ends more positively charged, and thus the center of the snowflake gets more negatively charged. The brushing up of water molecules together built strong forced and thus three dimensional patterns are created that we can demonstrate only in six sided snowflake diagrams.

4. All Snowflakes Are Not Identical:-

Though all the snowflakes are formed in a same way but it is also not necessary that all of them will have same shape and structure and instead as a snow flake will move up or down in the atmosphere, its structure is likely to change depending on the conditions that it comes across. We still depict the shape of a snowflake as a crystal and draw it six sided to depict a three dimensional crystal of snow.