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How To Make A Snoopy Paper Mache Mask

How To Make A Snoopy Paper Mache Mask


Creating a paper mache mask for children’s costume party is an innovative idea, it brings creativeness of the maker and it fills the spirit of joy among the children in the party. It is very easy to make and everyone can design as cartoons are loved not only by children but also by their parents too. This is one of the simplest and fun making mache mask which is an excellent craft for kids. It can be used for Halloween parties or some costume party which we call as theme party.

How To Make A Snoopy Paper Mache Mask

How To Make A Snoopy Paper Mache Mask

To create the snoopy paper mache mask with balloon  we require following things-

  • A balloon
  • Strips of old newspaper
  • Paper Mache paste
  • Sheets of plastic wrap
  • Acrylic paints
  • An image of snoopy

Steps to make a snoopy paper mache mask we require following steps-

  • Blow the balloon
  • Prepare the paste
  • Apply the layers
  • Cover the balloon with papier mache
  • Start Painting
  • Pop the balloon with needle
  • Use scissors to cut the newspaper ball in half
  • Start cutting holes
  • Paint the mask

To create snoopy paper mache mask with Gallon Jug we need-

  • Clean out a Gallon Jug
  • Prepare your papier mache materials
  • Start covering jug
  • Start Decorating

These are some steps which will help an individual to make snoopy paper mache mask and enjoy themselves in the party. This is a cool idea which will keep your children busy in summer vacations which is approaching towards children with high speed. It will keep your child busy which will directly help you to enjoy your life and can spend some quality time with yourself.

Here are some more ideas which will help an individual to make a snoopy paper mache mask and enjoy its presence. This will also make you the talk of the town.

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Pair these masks with mind-blowing costumes and add accessories as the need of the party or gathering. This will help to collect all the compliments which add wonderful colors to your life and it will enhance fun and frolic in your life. there are many ways to decorate these masks and adorn your beauty.


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