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How to Snip Screen in Macbook

How to Snip In Mac


People really like to snip an image in multiple ways. We generally get a snipping tool inbuilt with most of the newly arrived windows versions after Windows-7. This tool is represented with a scissor sign and comes inbuilt with the windows version. People who are habitual of using this tool try to find a substitute for it on the Mac platform as well. People looking for an alternative approach/application which can substitute snipping tool can follow these simple tips in order to avail the same benefit from their Mac.

How to Snip Screen in Macbook

How to Snip Screen in Macbook

1. A full screen capture in Mac:-

In order to have a full screen image capture in Mac, you can bring a shortcut command in use. This command just includes you to press a few keys all together at a same time. You only need to make use of your keyboard and you never need any application in order to follow this approach. The shortcut key combination includes you to use the Command, Shift and “3” key together at a same time.

2. A selectable screen capture:-

Some people never require capturing full screen image. I am not using Mac currently and though I have snipping tool in my windows 7 computer, but still I like to edit my pictures printing them first using print screen option and then I paste them to paint. It makes me able to crop up only a selected portion of the captured screen. This is also possible with your Mac. All you need to do for this purpose is a shortcut key combination to be pressed at a same time. This includes you to press Command key, Shift key and “4” key, all at the same time.

3. Download a snipping application:-

Just like Windows these days has its own application store, even Apple devices come equipped with an application store which can be bought in use to download quality applications and one such application is the snipping application. You can download it from the Mac app store and it can be downloaded if you have OSX 10.6.6 or later versions in supported with your gadget.

This application makes you able to capture the screen of your Mac. You can capture the image of an active window using this application. You can zoom in or zoom out using the drag feature and you can also add labels, texts and handwriting contents etc according to your choice saving it to your device with this tool.

4. The screenshot tool:-

Mac devices come with inbuilt screenshot capturing tools and thus there is no need left for any snipping/ picture capturing and editing tool. Though we have mentioned the approach to download a snipping tool in a Mac based device but it has been told keeping in mind the requirements of a new Mac user only.

The screenshot application within the Mac system is enough to make you capture any desired part of the screen which can later on be cropped up according to the requirement of the user.


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