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How Can Smoking Affect Your Sperm Count

How Smoking Damages Sperm


Male sperm play an important role in making a female fertilized. When a female becomes fertilized, she is much more likely to give birth to a baby and thus to have a good sperm count means a sure fortune to become a father. Within a single shot of semen, there are millions of sperm that enter the female body, but just one of them is able to win the race of fertilization, making the female fertilized and when you are habitual of smoking, the sperm count in your body gets reduced and thus your sperms meet a pause or damage. The ways in which smoking habit damages your sperms can be explained as follows:-

How Can Smoking Affect Your Sperm Count

How Can Smoking Affect Your Sperm Count

1. Reduces Sperm Count As Well as Quality and Motility:-

Smoking affects your sexual health very much badly. It affects both, your sperm count (sperm quantity) and motility (how fast those swimmers can reach an egg). All of these situations act as a kind of damage for your sexual health as well as your sperm count and thus affect your days of physical intimacy with your partner as well.

2. Dangerous If You Have a Low Sperm Count:-

If you have a low sperm count, it is dangerous for your sexual cycle. Low sperm count means less chances to make your female partner fertilized during reproduction and thus when you have a low sperm count, your chances to become a father are also reduced.

3. Smoking Makes Your Sperms less Capable to Fertilize Eggs:-

Let me make you understand the process of female fertilization first. A female contains eggs or ova which get fertilized when the male sperm enter the female reproductive organ and once her egg get fertilized, she is able to give birth to a baby. When you have a less sperm count, she is less likely to be fertilized and hence less likely even to become a mother.

4. Even the Studies Support this:-

Even the studies support that when you have a less sperm count, you are both unable to satisfy your female partner. This creates distance and disturbance in your physical relationship and thus creates about a kind of distance amongst you as well as your partner.

5. Smokers Are Rather Less Active During Sex:-

It has also been noted down time and again that a person who smokes will always be less active during sex. He will be less active and slow. He won’t be able to satisfy his partner and she will also experience a kind of exhaustedness when you make sex with her. It makes you a part of loss of self-esteem when your partner is not satisfied with you.

6. Reduced Level of Protamine and More Chances of DNA Damage:-

There are two small highly charged proteins in a human sperm cell. These can be named as protamine 1 and protamine-2. A balance needs to be created this with sperms as well as sperm cells and when we smoke, the level of protamine -2 charged proteins gets reduced in our body which makes us experience lack of sexual health and thus keeps us at a drawback.


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