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5 Best Ways to Slow Nose Hair Growth

How to Slow Nose Hair Growth


Hairs in nose are never a bane, but a boon. These hair act as an air filter for the air that we breathe in and prevent the entry of dust particles and other such substances from entering our breathing passage. These hairs are normal for people to grow in their nose and thus we should never care about them if they are not extra long. In case of some people(Generally the ones who are getting old), these hair get so long that one can see a glimpse of these hair coming out of the nostrils and in such a case, there is a need to look for the approaches which can help an individual to slow down the growth of such hairs. Here we are mentioning some tips to achieve the same.

How to Slow Nose Hair Growth

Best Ways to Slow Nose Hair Growth

1. Plucking the Hair If It Is Single One:-

When you are getting old, a single thick hair or two to three of them are likely to evolve out from your nose. Plucking is the best approach in such case, but it pains when you perform this approach. If there is a single hair that you wish to get rid from, plucking will be the best option but if there is two to three or multiple hair, you should look for the rest of options available.

2. Use Small Scissor to trim them off:-

There are small scissors available in the markets, which have a tip easy to get one to two centimeters inside your nose and thus you can use one such scissor to trim off the hairs which have their roots within one centimeter area of your nose. Just take a mirror, look in it and trim the hair off with this scissor but keep in mind that the scissor should not be allowed to get much deep as else it can cause bleeding.

3. Cosmetic/Medicinal Approaches:-

There are also some cosmetic approaches available with the saloons which can be bought in use to trim off the nose hair or to slow down the growth of such hair, you can also look for the medical options. You should eat no medicine for this purpose without getting it consulted from a good doctor. If there is no such approach available, nose hair trimming devices will perhaps be the best option for you.

4. Nose Hair Cream:-

Never mistake nose hair removal cream as a normal feet hair removal cream bought in use by women as the feet hair removal cream bought in use by women for hair removal is actually rich in chemicals and its smell is so strong that it can make you unconscious if you use it with your nose. There are special nose hair removal creams available in the cosmetic/medical stores which can be purchased and bought in use for this purpose.

5. Laser Hair Removal Approach:-

All of the above mentioned approaches are bought in use for temporary hair removal. Hairs are likely to grow again after a certain interval of time. Laser hair removal is simply the best option for you if you wish to get rid of these hairs permanently.  This approach actually targets on the hair follicles and destroys them. Hairs do not grow again when you use this approach.


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