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How to Slow Down Electric Meter Legal and Illegal

How To Slow Down The Electric Meter


An electric meter is a device which gives you a recorded detail of units of electricity consumed by the electric appliances being bought in use by you. Actually, such devices monitor the amount of electrical power used in your house/shop/ institution. If you break the seal of your electric meter, it will be an illegal offense and thus, if your meter shows you a major consumption of electric power, you are left with no option, but to pay the bill either by borrowing money from someone else or waiting for the time when some money arrives in your hands paying the bill with penalties added as else your electricity connection gets cut off. In such cases, these tips can be of a great use for you.

How to Slow Down Electric Meter Legal and Illegal

How to Slow Down Electric Meter Legal and Illegal

1. Slow Down The Electric Meter Legally:-

  • Call the electricity board department of your area for a meter inspection. They will check the load and consumption of your meter and steps will be taken accordingly.
  • If you are confident that there is some problem with your electric meter and the J.E pays no heed to your words, file a complaint against him or if still no action is taken, burn off your meter in such a way that it resembles an electric shot circuit fire. The meter will be changed with a new one like this and there are hundred percent chances that the new one won’t be faulty.
  • Reduce the number of electric switches/points in your home.
  • Use desert cooler instead of an air conditioner or if you have multiple air conditioners in your house, try sleeping in a single room together so that the other air conditioners may be kept off.
  • Use energy efficient appliances and energy efficient lighting like LED bulbs etc.
  • Improve insulation in your home and keep the lights, fans and other such equipments or appliances switched off when you do not need them.
  • Unplug the charger after charging your phone or laptop/ power bank.

2. Slow Down An Electric Meter Illegally:-

  • Stick a magnet in front or back portion of your electric meter. The electric meter will get slowed down.
  • Use a spare electric wire to use electricity not from the mains power supply connected with your electric meter, but connect it directly to the main power wire going from your street. The wire can be detached whenever you feel fearful about a checking team to arrive.
  • If a large capacitor is placed in between the live and neutral terminals of a plug, then the meter is expected to run slowly.

Tempering Can Make You Get Prosecuted(Note):-

When electric board officials arrive at your house in order to check and compare your electric consumption, they first make a comparison of units of electricity depicted to be consumed in the meter and then use a device with load such as an electric iron or electric rod using it with your electric connection and then they compare the speed of your electric meter as compared to its normal speed. You get caught even if you are smart enough. If the seal of your meter is found broken or you are using more load in your house than the depicted load or the load mentioned in papers, then also you can be prosecuted. It is always advised to go with the legal options and you should never try to take the law in your hands.


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