How Do You Make Your Skin Lighter With Bleach

How To Make Your Skin Lighter With Bleach


Bleach is one of the powerful options to make your skin feel lighter. Bleach also makes your skin tone uneven and it can treat the other skin problems like acne scarring, age spots, dark circles under eyes, blotches and blemishes etc. Bleach is one of the powerful chemical agents that can reduce such problems and it can also enable you to deal with freckles. Most of the creams subjected for the treatment of skin diseases also contain a content of bleach as it is a powerful skin problem curing agent and thus if you wish to make your skin feel lighter and better, you can use bleach to cure it. The way in which you can use bleach to make your skin lighter can be explained as follows:-

How To Make Your Skin Lighter With Bleach

How Do You Make Your Skin Lighter With Bleach

1. Make smart choice for bleach cream:-

Bleach can be dangerous and carcinogenic sometimes if you do not make a right choice. Though all bleaching products in the market make a promise that they are simply the best product for your skin, but they hide the factors like bleach creams can result in skin burns or skin damage and thus you should only choose a bleach after getting it recommended from a dermatologist if you wish to make your skin lighter with it.

2. Separate bleach for separate places:-

If you have purchased bleach for lightening your skin tone does not mean that you can use it for the other places like underarms etc. as well. There is specific bleach for each place. If you have opened a bleaching cream today and you suppose to use it again after three to four months, it might have lost its effectiveness.

3. Achieve the correct dilution:-

If you are planning to make a home based diluted bleach solution to put it on your skin, making the skin tone lighter, you should achieve a perfect dilution in order to save your skin against the side effects. -.0005 is the perfect amount of mix for a skin lightening bleach. The amount of bleach should be kept low while mixing it up in the water. A ¼ tsp of bleach should be mixed within three quarters or 12 ounces of warm water.

4. Stay away from sun:-

It should also be noted that application of bleach on skin makes you experience severe sunburn. If you apply bleach on your skin, you should spare yourself from moving under the sun’s rays as else it can damage your skin. Most of the bleaches have a content of hydroquinone in it and it can bring about damage to your skin In order to prevent your skin from this damage, an application of sunscreen is advised.

5. Make a patch test if you are using a bleach solution:-

A patch test is advised every time you wish to apply a significant amount of bleach on your skin. In this test, we apply a significant amount of bleach on particular areas of our skin and then await the results. If bleach is harmful, the side effects occur only in that small particular area and thus we can prevent ourselves from using the bleach. The entire face gets saved from harmful effects of bleach this way.

6. Application of only a thin layer:-

Some people are habitual of applying a thick layer of every skin cream or paste on their skin believing that it will bring about faster and effective results. You should apply only a thin layer of the diluted bleach on your skin in order to get the best and effective results.


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