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5 Sitting Posture for Working 8 To 10 Hours Daily

Sitting Posture for Working 8 To 10 Hours Daily


There are many office based jobs that don’t even let you have a sigh of breath during the office hours. Such jobs can really make you handicapped if you do not take care of your health and if you have an office working environment filled with tiresome schedule of sitting on a bench for many hours together, you are on a risk of migraine, back pain, tiredness, fatigue etc. and if the office includes you to sit in front of a computer like the most ones these days, It can even make you compromise with the health of your eyes as well. With such working conditions, you can adopt these sitting postures in order to be able to work for long hours even without compromising with your back.

Sitting Posture for Working 8 To 10 Hours Daily

5 Sitting Posture for Working 8 To 10 Hours Daily

1. Have a Comfortable/Adjustable Chair:-

I recently started a cyber café where I had to sit in front of a wooden table on a chair for as long as ten to twelve hours a day. This made me a patient of back pain and soon I started complaining that I am unable to keep sitting on a chair for even two single minutes because as soon as I occupied my seat, the back pain started again.

I changed my chair with a comfortable and adjusting one. The chair was designed in such a way that I could adjust the angle of its back surface according to my sitting position. This gave me a kind of relief and now I can sit for even 12-13 hours a day in front of the same old table.

2. Keep Moving From Your Seat after Every One Hour or So:-

According to Mr. Madhav who works in a computer based firm, if you are supposed to sit in a cabin during office hours with just a chair to sit, you should not just keep sitting but instead you should take small breaks to move as well. After one hour of working on a computer, you can manage to move outside for five minutes in order to relax your body joints.

3. Push Your Hips As Far As they can go:-

When you get seated on your chair, you should try to push your hips as far as they can go. The back of your body should be made to touch the back of your chair. The angle of chair’s back should be adjusted according To your workplace and the accessories kept around you.

4.  Keep Your Documents Directly In Front of You:-

Sometimes, you have to bend somewhat extra in order to view some documents or in order to find them. This spoils your sitting posture and spoils your sitting comfort as well. In such a case you can manage to keep your documents directly in front of you. You can get a hydraulic upright fixed with your chair in order to make it adjusted according to the height of your table.

5. Finger and Stretching Exercises:-

Finger exercises and joint/leg stretching exercises prove to be a kind of boon for you in case you are suffering from a pain because of poor posture while sitting. You should adopt such exercises in your daily schedule to make yourself relieved against the pain caused when you keep seated at a same seat for long hours.


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