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6 Simple Ways to Learn How to Dance

Learn How to Dance


Dancing can be regarded as an aerobic exercise or a hobby that people practice either to keep their body fit or in order to get entertained or simply just for fun. Dance has been found to be the best hobby in order to keep yourself fit and boost your mood. This art has been practised by people since time immemorial in order to boost their mood. Learning how to dance is not a mammoth task and instead it can be learnt by following some simple ways that I am mentioning here in this article.

6 Simple Ways to Learn How to Dance - HowFlux

6 Simple Ways to Learn How to Dance

1. Dance as if nobody is watching you:-

As the famous choreographer Terrence Lewis says,” Dance is an art that you learn from the heart itself”. Dance as if nobody is watching you. Dance not to impress others, but to impress you. Take it as a fun and dance will itself come out of you.

2. Dance with the beat step tapes:-

Trying to learn new dance steps, you can manage to get some dance step learning magazines that tell you how to dance by showing you pictures that depict step moves that you need to make while trying to dance. There are some branded cassettes that come up with dance step learning leaflet as well.

3. Learner’s videos:-

You can even choose to go for the learner’s video like the one that you watch on youtube. Many choreographers like famous dance choreographer Saroj Khan keep on coming with dance learning T.V shows that can help you a lot to learn dance at home. You can even choose to go for the past recorded videos of these TV Shows in order to bring dance out of you. There are many other dancers and choreographers that you can get inspired from as well.

4. Hire up a trainer:-

If you have no option left for you from the ones that I mentioned earlier, you can choose to go for a dance trainer. Simply hire up a trainer or join some good dance institute and start learning dance from choreographers. Stay in touch with your dance teacher and keep on practicing the moves that you learn there.

5. Learn from the movie songs:-

There are some movie songs that have been choreographer at their best. Like the Kamli song from DHOOM-3, This one is my personal favourite. The choreography in these songs can really be an inspiration for all the dancers. Try to learn new moves from songs. The famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan experimented many new steps in his movie “Dabangg” like the step in which Salman had hands at his belt and was shaking it. You can learn to make your own steps taking inspiration from movie actors as well, but beware, some steps are done with proper technique and it can hurt you as well. Try to learn simple steps only and don’t try much for the complicated ones.

6. Make your own steps:-

You can try out your own steps like one I am telling you, Simply stand making a pose and make your signatures in the air, this will be a great self-made dance step. You can make one yourself, The more you practice the more you learn.


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