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Simple Process of Recycling Paper at Home

How to Recycle Paper at Home


Recycling can be understood as a process to change waste materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumptions of new materials and resources by using the pre-existing sources more and more, Same is the case with paper and paper based products. You can choose to recycle them in order to make new products from them and thus reducing the consumption of it saving the countless number of trees that get cut down every day in order to make paper.

Simple Process of Recycling Paper at Home

Simple Process of Recycling Paper at Home

1. Make Something Creative:-

The first thing that you can do with old papers is to make something out of them like a simple one I am telling you, Take a birthday balloon, that is the one with the shape of an egg and blow it up. Paste some old papers after crushing and applying glue on it in a proper way such that the balloon gets covered properly and then paint it up with white paint making eyes, nose and smile on it giving it a funny egg like look. This will be the perfect thing for your child’s room. You can make many other experiments with old paper showing your creativity.

2. Use Newspapers to Make Packets And As A Slab Cover:-

The old newspapers can be used to make paper packets by folding and applying glue on them. You can also choose to lay newspapers as a slab cover to prevent dust from getting accumulated on your room and kitchen slab as well.

3. Written Pages as A Food Wrap:-

The written pages of your old notebooks can be used again in order to be used up as a paper food wrap to wrap your chapattis in it. You can even choose to use these papers to soak up the oil of processed oily food stuff that you make at home by putting them up in the food casseroles as well.

4. Sell to A Scrap Dealer If It Is Of No Use:-

If still you feel there can be no use of the paper and paper products that you have, You can choose to sell them to a scrap dealer in order to make some money with it. The scrap dealer will sell up the scrap to a recycler and then make money in return and sideways the paper will also get recycled.

5. Write On Both The Sides:-

If there are some papers with you that are blank from one side and written on the other side, You can choose to use the blank side to practice your subjectual questions and problems on it. The newspapers rather can also be used as a book or notebook cover as well.

6. Paper Crafts, Arts and Decorations:-

If you watch out art shows that come on the television, there are countless things that they teach you to be made out of waste and thus taking inspiration and knowledge from these T.V. Shows, You can choose to make something for your house as well.


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