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What are Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

Signs And Symptoms of Testicular Cancer



A type of cancer that develop in the testicles of a person is known as testicles cancer. Testicles being a part of the male reproductive system, are a very crucial organ and hence the cancer in this part is a bit dangerous. Though all the lumps formed in the testicles are not tumors and all the type of tumors can not be called as the cancerous ones. the other conditions such as the appendix testis, testicular microlithiasis and the epididymal cysts might prove to be painful to the patient but are rarely cancerous in nature.

Signs And Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

This is the type of cancer that has one of the largest rate of cure among all the types of cancers with an average survival rate of about ninety five percent that takes about five years. if the cancer in testicles has not made its way out of the testicles, the five year survival turns out to be ninety nine percent and the rate being about ninety six percent if the cancer has spread itself to the organs or lymph nodes away from the testicles.

Signs and symptoms

One of the earliest signs of the testicular type of cancer includes the formation of a lump or formation of a type of swelling in the testes reproductive part of a person.

according to the unites states preventive services task force, the screening for testicular cancer in asymptomatic adolescent and adults including the routined testicular self exams should not be done. Still, the cancer society of America has tried its best to suggest that testicles should be examined on a monthly basis in some of the cases, in which an individual has the family history of cancer. the other symptoms include breathing shortness and coughing or coughing up of blood from metastatic spread of it to the affected person’s lungs or the occurrence of a lump in the neck due to metastates to the lymph nodes the.

A lump in one testis which may or may not be painful or a sharp pain or dull ache may occur in the lower abdomen or scrotum or a feeling that is generally referred to as “heavyness” in the scrotum may occur. breast enlargement may also take place due to the hormonal effects of β-Hcg low back pain (lumbago) tumor to the lymph nodes of the person along the back. testicular cancer is not so common to spread to the other parts apart from the lungs of the individual suffering from testicular cancer.


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