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Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Symptoms of Lyme Disease


Lyme’s disease is a disease that is caused by the bite of a tick. But only a minority of deer tick bites leads to the lime’s disease. The symptoms of Lyme’s disease may involve the swelling of the eyes or the development of rashes on any part of the body may even take place with the individual. The byte of a deer’s tick can cause the Lyme’s disease in some of the cases but not all the deer tick bytes can cause it. There may be flu like symptoms including fever and chills or there may be fatigue in the related person’s body.

Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease

The common symptoms of the Lyme’s disease are as follows :-

1. Pain In The Joints:-

The skin joints of the individual bitten by the tick of the deer and the nervous system of such person get affected badly. There are problems associated with the nervous system and may even develop the symptoms of flu like fever etc.

2. Development of A Rash:-

Within a month there is a rash developed on the area of the bite that looks some what like a small bump that is red in color and gets developed on the site of the tick bite and remains as it is over the next few days and then it expands the redness forming a rash that looks like the bull’s eye pattern that comes up with a outer line red in color and that even can occur at more than one place.

3. Flu Like Symptoms:-

The Lyme’s disease might be associated with flu like symptoms including the fever or the chills or the fatigue or the body aches or head ache or migraine to occur in the individual and these problems may come along with the bull’s eye like rash in that individual. There may be a sort of swelling or the joint pain associated with the patient or the patient might be having the knees badly affected or the pain may be affected from one joint to the other. The patient may thus feel the joints to be troublesome and might be frustrated all the times due to the unexpected pain that follows.

4. Heart Or Cardiac Problems:-

There may be heart problems associated with the patient of Lyme’s disease like there may be occurrence of an irregular heaert beat or there may be other heart problems that may last about a week.

The eye of the individual may get inflamed or there may be inflammation of the liver associated with the patient of Lyme’s disease. There may be the cases of severe fatigue with the individual and there may be swelling in some of the cases.


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