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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Lupus

Symptoms of Lupus in Women


The symptoms of lupus depend upon what organ of the body is affected from it and how seriously it is affected, the symptoms may range from development of a RASH to the development of fatigue or stress or skin problems or muscle pain or head ache But the main and common symptoms of lupus can be categorized as follows :-

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Lupus (5 Steps)

Signs and Symptoms of Lupus

1. Fatigue And Joint Muscle Pain:-

Fatigue ranging from mild to extreme level may be seen in the patient and though lighter the level of lupus may be associated with the person, still he or she is likely to find it difficult for him or her to do the daily exercises and the other activities. Joint muscle pain may even occur in the patient and the swelling may even take place in the patient. Morning stiffness may even be associated with the patient along with red and warm joints. Lupus arthritis may even occur with the patient on the both sides of the body at the same time that can be generally felt up in the wrists.

2. Skin Problems:-

Skin rashes are common with the patient of lupus and many people may develop a butter fly rash over their cheeks and Nose Bridge. The symptoms may include skin sores to occur or the flaky red spots to occur on the arms and hands and face and neck of the patient besides occurring on the lip sores and the mouth of the patient. The scaly red and purple raised rash on the face, neck and arms and chest of the person might be felt.

3. Sensitivity To The Light:-

Exposure to the ultra violet rays such as the sunlight typically makes skin rashes worsen and is able to trigger the lump flares. Many of the individuals suffering from lupus are sensitive to the light and the fair skinned people are more sensitive to it thus sensitivity to light is among the common symptoms of lupus.

4. Change In Weight:-

The individuals suffering from lupus may loose weight when the disease is active in them and the glands might get swollen during a flare and most often there is a low grade fever associated with the patient of lupus.

5. Headaches:-

The patient of lupus may be associated with   stress and tension generally the headache involves migraine headache. There may be hair loss associated with the patient of lupus and there may be a sort of inflammation in the blood vessels. The tissues under the skin of the fingers and the toes may even get whitened or blue or red in color and the skin may even feel cold a bit to touch in the case of lupus.


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