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6 Side Effects of Sleeping less Hours

Side Effects of Sleeping less


One should take proper sleep as sleep makes you gain energy lost during the day. It relieves you against stress, anxiety and other such factors that a busy day schedule makes you come across. Lack of sleep can make you a prey of depression, paranoia and even suicidal tendencies. The one who does not sleep is often kept on a dosage of sleeping pills which make him so dependent on them that he can’t sleep even on a normal day without them. Sleeping less or sleep deprivation can make your body come across many ailments or disorders which can be explained as follows:-

Side Effects of Sleeping less

6 Side Effects of Sleeping less Hours

1. Triggers Mania in Those Who Suffer From Maniac Depression:-

Maniac depression is one of the worse forms of depression in which a person experiences symptoms related with mood or temperament. When you do not take enough sleep in your schedule, it makes you experience symptoms related with mood as well as mania resulting in maniac depression or bipolar depression. One should take enough sleep in order to keep himself away from such disorders.

2. Makes Your Behavior Impulsive:-

In one of the studies, it has been seen that sleeplessness makes your behavior impulsive and none of the decisions taken during this time are perfectly right. Sleeplessness makes you prone to anxiety and also keeps you stay stressful for a prolonged period of time. If you stay without sleeping for a long period of time, you are also prone to falling as your body is not able to recharge and energize itself during this time.

3. Makes you A Prey to Heaviness of Eyes:-

It has been seen that a person who has not slept since a long span of time will always complaint heaviness of eyes. Such a person will feel like he is going to fall soon and will try his best to sleep, but will find himself unable to do so even if he or she closed his/her eyes.

4. Makes Your Brain Function improperly:-

Sleeplessness is also accused to make your brain function improperly. It affects your brain’s cognitive abilities and emotional state. If sleeplessness becomes prolonged, it can lower down your body’s defensive power and can make you prone to chronic illnesses as well as other such disorders.

5. Makes You Experience Hallucinations:-

When you are not taking proper sleep, you are also likely to complain about souls, spirits and ghosts. Actually, sleeplessness makes us fall a prey to hallucinations and once we start experiencing this condition, we can see or experience anything even if it is not happening with us. Such people can complain about seeing or experiencing anything what others do not see or experience at all.

6. Makes You a Prey to Migraine:-

Sleeplessness is a condition which makes you come across acute head pain sometimes. This pain is so recurrent and it majorly affects only one side of your head. You also experience some other experiences like nausea or disturbed vision during this state of health as well.


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