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How to Show Others That You Are Bad

How to Show Others That You Are Bad


When you are good enough, people take you for granted. They never even pay attention to your words sometimes. Being bad makes people pay attention towards you. When they know that you are bad, they fear dining even a slight amount of harm to you. Faking yourself to be a bad person is also a good thing as it keeps all the fake people away from you and only the ones who really need you are thus left. There can be any situation which makes you fake yourself to be a bad person and in such a time, these tips will prove helpful for you:-

How to Show Others That You Are Bad

How to Show Others That You Are Bad

1. Look like a Brat:-

In order to show others that you are bad, first of all you should start behaving badly just like a brat. A change in behavior should also follow a change of personality. You should adopt changes with your attire as well. You should adopt a bad boy’s complete look. Once you look and behave like a brat, people will soon start considering you as a bad boy.

2. Be Self-Obsessive:-

A bad boy is always self-obsessive in nature. It means that you should think just about yourself and no-one else. If someone comes to you for getting a job done, you should rather ask, “What is my profit in doing your work.” Or “What will I get if I do this work for you”.  You should never give anything for free and you should always ask something for something.

3. Tell Yourself That People need you More Than you need them:-

Tell yourself that people need you more than you need them or rather tell you that it is people who need you and you never need them. This change of temperament will make you feel like a bad boy from inner self. You can also join gym in order to gain muscle as a muscular guy is the one from whom everyone fears. Once you gain muscles or power, just punch the person who argues or messes with you.

4. Your Heart Is a Stone:-

Tell yourself that your heart is a stone and stones never melt at any cost. There is another quality of stones that anything written on them stays forever. Don’t just take yourself as a stone, but also adopt all of its traits in life. The day is not far when people will start considering you bad.

5. Be financially powerful:-

Keep this in mind that when you treat others in a bad way, even they can start doing tit for tat. When you refuse to do their work, they can also refuse to do their work and thus in order to avoid feeling embarrassed in such cases, you should first make yourself self-reliant and financially powerful so that everybody needs you but you need no-one in life.

6. Never Answer till People Poke you A Few Times:-

When someone asks you a question, just keep on lying with your legs crossed or keep sitting idle and give no answer. Don’t even speak a single word till the question is not repeated at several times. Adopt all the traits of being stubborn and full of ego. No-one likes such a temperament and thus soon they will start taking you as a bad person.


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