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How to Show Hidden Files in Macbook Air

How to View Hidden Files in Mac


Within any operating system, there are some files which are kept hidden by the system and they can only be viewed by a special command. This happens with your Mac apple device as well and often while dealing with some application crack processes, you need to view or reach the hidden files folder. In such cases, you can easily access the hidden files following these simple tips:-

How to Show Hidden Files in Macbook Air

How to Show Hidden Files in Macbook Air

1. Know What A Terminal Alias Is:-

Before knowing how to view hidden files in Mac, I think that first you should know what an alias terminal is. An alias Terminal is a shortcut for one or more commands. Suppose if a process is commenced in two or more steps, we can commence it in just a single step using a terminal alias. We will use the same terminal alias feature to view hidden files in Mac.

2. Reaching the Terminal:-

I told you earlier about the terminal alias. In order to open up the hidden files in a Mac, you will have to reach the same terminal alias only. This follows you to open the Terminal found in Finder first. Then you can click on Applications and then Utilities. Here comes the space where we will post the code for making hidden files visible.

3. Paste the Following Code:-

You have reached In Terminal now. Here you have to write the following code:- (Defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES Press Return) this is the code for making hidden files visible.

4. The Hidden Files Get Shown:-

After pasting/ writing/typing the code into terminal, you will have to hold the ‘Option/alt’ key for some time. You can make a right click on the Finder icon then. The finder icon is located in the dock. After performing this step you have to click prelaunch option. When you make a right click on finder icon while holding the option/alt key, all the hidden files get shown to you on Mac screen.

5. Hiding the Files again:-

Some people do not wish to keep such files visible. People never like changes made to their system and in order to get back the Mac settings to normal once again, the files which are made visible for some purpose are hidden once again. In order to hide such files again, you can follow the same above mentioned approach but with a different command. I.e. you have to paste the following code in terminal: – “Defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO”. After typing/pasting this code into the terminal, the shown files get hidden once again and you can use the same approach in order to make them visible whenever you need such files again.


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