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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Overeat

Why You Should Never Overeat


When you take food more than needed, it is called overeating. It results in weight gain and adds multiple health issues and problems in your life. When you take food items more than needed or if the consumption of food is in excess to the energy that he or she expands or expels, it is known as overeating.  We take it as an eating disorder and we always advise the other members not to overeat and consider it to be a bad or ill-eating habit. There can be many reasons given to the question why we should never overeat and some of these reasons can be explained as follows:-

Why You Should Never Overeat

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Overeat

1. Makes You Obese and More Obese:-

The one who overeats becomes habitual of overeating. The individual with such a habit will stuff up the maximum portion of his mouth with food in a single time. This makes him get obese day by day. This obesity increases further as this habit is taken forward and thus the person calls a big problem for himself.

2. Makes the Food Tough to be broken down:-

The one who over-eats swallows a large amount of food in one time. I.e. He will try to swallow a single banana in one time or he will bite up half portion of chapatti in one go or even more depending on his eating habit. This makes the food tough to be broken down as less amount of saliva is able to get mixed with food. The individual in such a condition is also not able to grind food properly and thus he experiences problems. The food items consumed slowly on the other hand get enough saliva mixed with them and are easy to be broken down in the body.

3. Food Can Get Block Your Airways:-

The food if taken in an access can block your airways. Let me make you understand this with the help of an example. There are two pipes in our body. One is for the transportation of food and other is for the transportation of air. Now when we eat, the breathing pipe gets closed and when we breathe, the eating pipe gets closed. When we try to eat a lot at a time and eventually try to speak in between, the breathing channel gets blocked and the person is likely to die because of asphyxia or suffocation.

4. Emotional Changes:-

An emotional kind of change is also observed with the person when he or she over-eats. An Abnormality of Endorphin is also likely to arise with such a person which will make him a kind of different from being normal.

5. Makes You A Matter of Laugh:-

Besides all these worse consequences, an over-eating person also becomes a matter of laugh for others. People never appreciate the one who is ill mannered and even table manners are counted in socializing habits. When you are not able to eat properly, people take you as a person unfit for sitting in public and thus ask you to stay away from them. This affects you emotionally and thus it is always advised not to overeat.


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