Why You Should Be Hired For This Internship

Why You Should Be Hired For This Internship


When you are trying to go for the white collar or professional career, it is mandatory for you to go through an internship and often in case of white collar jobs, there is an interview that follows internship and in this interview, the first question that is supposed to be asked from you is,” Why you should be hired for this internship” and in case your answer proves to satisfy the recruiters, it is sure that your career will be set and in order to make you familiar enough with the answer to this question, let us make you come across some aspects regarding the same.

Why You Should Be Hired For This Internship

Why You Should Be Hired For This Internship

1. No Experience But Still Everybody Needs A Chance To Prove:-

In case someone asks you why do you think yourself to be eligible for the internship that you are appearing for, you are supposed to stay calm first of all and then if you are a fresher, simply begin like I have no experience sir, but once given a chance, I shall prove my best for the internship and then the job that I am provided with.

2. Sure To Be Dedicated Sir:-

If you tell the recruiters that you have no experience but still you believe you can fulfill their expectations, you are advised to answer in a polite way to the recruiters that though there are impediments that one finds in his way but every experienced fellow has remained a fresher once and thus one just needs a chance.

3. With My Hard work:-

If the recruiters then ask you, how will you fulfill your duties if they give you a chance, simply answer that it is your hard work with what you are expecting to achieve what they desire. Simply say that you have been a hardworking student, now you will be working hard for the internship as well and when hired, you will be equally dedicated for the job rather.

4. Experience Will Also Be Made Once You Give Me a Chance Sir:-

Simply say that no one is born perfect. No doubt one commit mistakes in the beginning, but he is not at a fault if he learns from each mistake made and those are not repeated in future. Make them assured about the fact that you are a hard worker and if given a chance, you can prove to be really a hard working fellow.

5. I Have Got the Knowledge; the Skills Will Be Seen As Soon As I Get a Chance:-

Simply tell them that you have been provided with excellent quality education by the teachers that were dedicated to their work. You have got perfect knowledge about everything but you lack skills that will be attained for sure during the internship and this way a hard working employee will be bought out of you.

6. Nobody Is Born Perfect Sir:-

Simply tell them that nobody is born perfect and without giving you a chance, your abilities can’t be justified and thus at least they should give you a chance fulfilling which you will easily be able to prove yourself in front of them.


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