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How to Make Your Shop Look Cool on Neopets

How to Make Your Shop Look Cool on Neopets


Neopets is a virtual pet website where one can create an account and own virtual pets called “Neopets”.  These pets are purchased with virtual currencies and this currency can be earned within the same website.  You can even buy virtual items with real world money purchasing virtual money in return for a suitable sum of amount. Just create a shop, design its layout and make changes with its graphics etc. Add description to your shop, advertise for your pets and make all other such changes to make it look more attractive. In order to make your shop look cool on Neopets, you can bring the following tips in use:-

 How to Make Your Shop Look Cool on Neopets

How to Make Your Shop Look Cool on Neopets

1. Create the Shop:-

First thing that needs to be considered here is to create the shop as without creating it, you can’t make it look cool. Your account should be at least 12 hours old to be able to create a shop and it costs you 150NP to worth a shop. Though initially you have to pay NP’s in order to create a shop but then the same shop will prove to be your way of earning NP’s afterwards.

2. Edit the Shop Customizing It Your Way:-

Once the shop gets created, you can customize it your way. You can give your shop a name, a suitable description, a greeting of your shopkeeper etc. Though most of these approaches are done while creating the shop, but you can make changes afterwards as well.

3.  Shop Layouts and Graphics for Your Shop:-

Your shop looks cool with the name, description, graphics, layout and products available in it and thus here in this step we will make changes with the layout and graphics of the shop. Add icons, music, background etc. to your shop to make it look cool customizing it your way. Keep the brightness of your page low and bearable. The better the music, the more will be customers attracted to your shop.

4. Add Description to Your Shop:-

The description of your shop matters a lot. You can change the description any time by clicking the option to create/edit shop. Initially, when you begin the game, you won’t be familiar with the way you can make your shop’s description look more appealing, cool and attractive, but as soon as you visit other people’s shops, you will be able to make your description cooler from cool and then coolest as well.

5. Make Advertising:-

Here comes the time to advertise for your shop as people are attracted to your shop not by just its features but the advertisements as well. Run off to the notice board to place an advertisement quoting a low price for them. The visitors who pay attention to your advertisement will surely arrive and show interest in your shop.

6. Watch out others and Follow the Trend:-

The more you get interested in the game, the more will you learn it. Keep visiting other shops to learn their way of attracting customers and apply and implement the special traits of those shops upon your shop to make it look cooler.

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