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How to Shingle the Peak of a Hip Roof

How to Shingle the Peak of a Hip Roof

Roof shingles need replacement after a particular period of time, but to replace roof shingles on a hip roof is a matter of more effort and labor than to replace it on a normal roof. You need to use more shingles and you need to shed your sweat in order to trim them according to the desired size specifications. This takes time as well as efforts and thus most of us rely on laborers for this purpose. You need not worry about shingling the peak of your hip roof as it won’t trouble you anymore because here we have bought some easy tips for you to be able to do that yourself:-

How to Shingle the Peak of a Hip Roof

How to Shingle the Peak of a Hip Roof

1. Avoid water damage by using preventive approaches:-

Use preventive approaches to avoid damage caused by water. You can use cap shingles with your roof to ensure this. A hip roof has four to five sides with a peak. In order to avoid potential water damage, you should first add flashing to the ridges along with thin strips to the edges. The first shingle should be placed in such a way that the bottom of it is even with edge of hip roof at the bottom. In order to match the angle of hip roof that it is standing against, you can trim the sides of shingle.

2. Nail the shingle on hip roof:-

First, make the shingle lined up correctly with the roof edge/ridge and then only nail it to the hip roof.  A nail should be placed at top corners of a shingle and another should be placed at the centre of it. Be careful while fixing these nails and use another one if hind winds become an issue.

3. One shingle follows the other:-

One shingle follows the and thus you can continue placing or adding shingles one by one in the same way as we positioned the first one. Trim the last shingle to make it fit the angle of hip roof and place the rest of them in same manner. Work on a single row at a time and begin the other one only one a particular row gets finished. The centre of new shingles should overlap the previous row by 2/3. Dealing one shingle after the other moving from one row to another, you will ultimately reach the last shingle like this.

4. Dealing with the last shingle:-

Now when you have ultimately reached the last shingle, you will have to affix it with roofing cement purchased in advance. Though we will nail this shingle like we did with the rest of shingles but we will first affix it with the help of cement and then we will use nails on it. This is done in order to secure all the shingles. Now ridge caps can be installed and we can begin fixing ridge caps starting from the bottom portion of hip roof ridges using two stacked shingles cutting them to fit and then using one cap at a time spotting up the ridge.


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