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How to Shave your Face When you Have Acne

how to shave your face when you have acne


Acne is a skin disorder caused by the changes taking place with sebaceous glands of your skin. They are often taking place because of the dirt and dead cells which get combined with skin oil and thus cause blockage of skin pores. Acne is often accompanied with redness of skin and it extends with the collection or gathering of oil. The face, chest, back and upper arms of a human are mostly affected with this skin problem. If you shave face with acne on it, your condition can get miserable sometimes with multiple bleeding points on face. A great care needs to be taken while shaving a face with acne on it. Here is a simple step by step approach which can be followed while shaving face if you are suffering from acne:-

how to shave your face with acne

How to Shave your Face With Acne

1. Pre-Cleanse and Soften Your Skin:-

As acne is a product of skin oils, it is better that we begin with cleansing approach first. Actually, when we clean the dirt, a suitable amount of bacteria is also taken away and thus pre-cleansing before shaving is a must if you have pimples. If instead you have a whitehead that appears to burst soon, you can squeeze it up by pressing it in between a cotton ball.

2. Have a Warm Splash of Water to Soften Your Hair Follicles:-

Next comes the turn to splash up your face with warm water. The water should not be extra hot and instead it should just be warm.  You can use a before acne cream if it is available at medical stores in your area.

3. Keep A Piece of Alum and a Disinfectant Solution Ready In Advance:-

Alum has got skin curing properties in it and thus you can go for the application of alum any time you feel your skin to experience any cut or wound. Alum is rich in disinfectant properties. A disinfectant solution can also be bought into use if alum is not available.

4. Generate Lather:-

Here comes the time to generate lather. In this step we apply a suitable amount of shaving cream on the concerned area and use a shaving brush to generate enough foam or lather. This will make shaving less dense and thus the razor will be able to glide easily over your facial skin. Generate enough foam and don’t be greedy in applying enough shaving gel. It is better if the shaving gel is also an oil free one. Special shaving creams for people suffering from acne are also available these days in the market and thus you can purchase one such cream as well.

5. The Final Shave:-

The final shave includes you to use the razor gently and slightly over the skin being too cautious with the places having acne over them. You should avoid making any cut on pimple area being as gentle and slow as possible. If any acne meets a cut, the spread of bacteria can take place to further parts of skin and thus it is advised that you use the razor blade in such a manner that it appears to be moving above acne not exactly touching the skin.


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