6 Reasons Why Did Shahrukh And Salman Khan Fight

Why Did Shahrukh And Salman Khan Fight

Why Did Shahrukh And Salman Khan Fight


Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, both the khans of Bollywood are name enough celebrities in terms of fame. Shahrukh is also known to have friendly relations with all because of which he is known as King Khan and Salman because of his body and charm is addressed as Sallu Bhai by most of his loves & fans, but there raised news in Bollywood talkies that both these khans met a clash out of something resulting in a controversy. Now what was the cause of this controversy, let us find it out.

Why Did Shahrukh And Salman Khan Fight

Why Did Shahrukh And Salman Khan Fight

1. Salman Was At His Girlfriend Katrina’s Birthday:-

Salman Khan was actually at his girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s birthday when all this happened. It was the date of 17th July 2008 and the environment was full of celebrations and party thrown to celebrate the day where even Shahrukh Khan had been invited being one of the co-stars that Katrina had worked with. Now this became a place of argument for both the celebrities in an unfortunate manner.

2. Maintained Distance after That:-

The exact cause of the fight can’t be determined as no-one can perfectly say that he was there when the incident took place and the spread of rumor can only be taken as a basis about all this that gives us ideas but no conclusion to be reached finality.

3. Some Even Say That Shahrukh Had Made a Remark about Aishwarya, Salman’s X-Gf:-

If we believe in what the spectators say, it was all because of the remark or you may say a comment that Shahrukh had made about Aishwarya Rai who was once Salman Khan’s girlfriend. Now this comment was what shot Salman Khan like a hare gets shot by an animal shooter and this became a reason for fight amongst both the celebrities to take place.

4. Salman is An Angry Bird and Shahrukh Also Does Not Think While Saying:-

Talking about both the celebrities in general, if we talk about the general behavior traits of each of them, Salman Khan is a short tempered celebrity and even Shahrukh can be taken as a celebrity who never thinks while saying. He tries to be men of humor but sometimes what he speaks is like an arrow making one bleed with words.

5. The Widening of the Distance:-

Ego in both the celebrities’ acts like butter does to the fire and both stopped talking with each other. The distances increased and even more gossips and rumors went to the news. The cold war soon turned to be a fight and thus even the fans started making guesses about the possible reasons why these celebrities stay apart from each other.

6. Rumored To Be Another Celebrity Trick Of Staying In News:-

Some even say that all this was just another kind of celebrity ways of staying in the news and that both the celebrities were pretending more than acting just in order to stay in the news, but whatever it was, both the celebrities were name enough for all the fans and thus even the fans are waiting for the time when both the khans would be seen together once again.