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Sexual Orientation Discrimination – Sex Discrimination

Sexual Orientation Discrimination


You can take Sexual orientation discrimination as a discrimination that is made on the basis of the sexual orientation of a specific person. The people that we call as gay or lesbians or the LGBTQ employees come under this act of discrimination and this topic is still a burning one with most of the people if these types of people deserve equality or not as such people are considered to be abnormal amongst much of the non-familiar people.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Laws Regarding Sexual Orientation:-

After being a gay or lesbian or an LGBTQ was announced to be legal publicly by the laws of most of the countries, There were many people who earlier felt shy with them being an LGBT or Lesbian or a gay, but then they started moving out freely as the world became a safer place for them as even the laws approved them but then there started arising some problems for such people and one amongst these was the discrimination based on the sexual orientation.

What discrimination based on Sexual Orientation Included In It:-

After bisexuality became legal, these people started getting employed in various workplaces, organizations and working institutions freely, but there arises a problem when such people started facing discrimination from their own coworkers. Whosoever came to know about their sexual orientation started to discriminate them either by bullying or by physical or emotional torture. Some even thought these people as cheap or sluts due to the lack of knowledge. The term was new to people and so they got easily agitated seeing some with a sexual orientation different from them and thus this became a thing that became a topic to be thought about.

Steps Taken By The Government Against This Discrimination:-

Each country has got different laws and thus these laws may differ from region to region. There is a procedure to reach and complaint the regional police station about this is anybody tries to discriminates you on the basis of your sexual orientation. Simply reach the nearest police station, lodge the F.I.R and the concerned authorities will take an action against it.

The punishment for this act may range from a tough penalty to conviction and imprisonment as well.
Besides being sexually oriented, there are many rights that every worker gets and those rights are enough for you to stand against any sort of discrimination even if it is not based on your sexual orientation as the constitution treats all people equally if it is case of India.

Bring About The Desired Change:-

It is that one time we are talking about the step that man has taken in the terms of development and we keep on making every necessary effort to explore the planets and stars so as to discover new facts but still we lack in one thing and that is our temperament. The need of the hour is to bring about the change in temperament according to the progress made and then the day will not be far when even the sexually based discrimination prevailing in the society will also get finished. Our basic approach should be equality not discrimination.


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