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What Effect Does Sex Have On Athletic Performance

What Effect Does Sex Have On Athletic Performance


Obviously the effect of sex on your athletic performance is always negative. Most of the athletes abstain from having sex for several weeks before even a single tournament in order to prevent negative impact on their performance. Sex is related with the release of hormones and change of emotions. Sex makes you feel physically and emotionally satisfied and this takes away the enthusiasm and motivation that you had earlier in yourself. You can find people of both the views in the society i.e. who say that athletic performance is affected by making sex and even those who say that it can’t happen. The effects that sex can have on your athletic performance can be described as follows:-

What Effect Does Sex Have On Athletic Performance

What Effect Does Sex Have On Athletic Performance

1. Sex Results In Release of Happy Hormones:-

When you make sex with your partner, it results in the release of happy hormones which make you feel a kind of satisfied. When you are satisfied with yourself, you never feel a need to doing anything else and this includes athletic as well. This flow of hormones in your body because of sex can thus put forward a negative impact on your athletic performance.

2. Love Means Usage of Energy:-

Love means usage of energy while athletics means keeping your energy preserved to show it in the battlefield which is a playground of your tournament. When you make sex with someone, it consumes some of your energy and thus when this energy gets used; your body lacks energy to be shown during athletics.

3. Studies Even Put Forward opposite Results:-

There have been many studies conducted on the same topic which reveal that the results can even be opposite and a person can even perform better during athletics because of sex. Some people work better when they are satisfied and happy and this can differ from person to person.

4. Depends On the Time Gap In Between:-

It depends on the time gap that you had between sex and athletic practices which decides if athletics will be affected by it or not. Suppose if you have sex today with your partner, but your performance is one week later, this would hardly make an impact on your body because of physical contact between you and your partner.

5. The Medicines That You Had In Order To Have Sex:-

The medicines that you had in order to have sex can sometimes make negative impact on the body. For examples, some people can’t ever get physical with their partner without eating pills. Some others do drunken sex and some others watch porn while having it. The effect of sex on your athletic performance depends sometimes on such factors as well. Moreover, there is a test of doping conducted before every such athletic tournament and thus you can get caught in doping case because of such habits.

6. Depends On the Personal Perceptions As Well:-

Your athletic performance sometimes also depends on your personal perceptions as well. For example, if sex makes you feel enthusiastic, full of stamina and full of energy then it is supposed to have a positive impact on your athletic performance rather than having a negative impact on it while if you feel exhausted and lacking in energy after having sex, it would surely affect your athletic performance in a negative way.


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