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How to Sew a Chain Stitch by Hand

How to Chain Stitch by Hand


You must have watched a chain right? Well, if you are stitching on some portion of the cloth in a way that your stitched portion resembles the image like that of a chain, we call it chain stitching. It is generally practiced with the help of special stitching machines, but you can also perform it with a needle and a piece of thread following the hand stitching approaches.


How to Sew a Chain Stitch by Hand

How to Sew a Chain Stitch by Hand

This approach is practiced while you are preparing a masterpiece of embroidery and it needs a great care to be taken as a slight mistake from your side can spoil the entire dressing material. Here we are mentioning some tips for the same purpose.

1. Preparing Your Needle for Chain stitching:-

In order to chain-stitch with hands, you will have to prepare a needle with thread first of all. For this purpose, we take a suitable length of thread and we pass out the needle from it. We bring the needle to the middle position of this thread passing the thread through its hole and then we bring both the ends of this thread close to each other. Both these ends are held together making a knot and the needle gets ready for hand-stitching.

2. Keep Your Stitch small:-

The stitches that you make should be small and not large enough. This reduces the chances of making mistakes. When you have inserted needle at a particular place, you have to come up a short distance away from the end of this stitch in order to pass the tip of your needle through it now. This distance should be 0.5 millimeters away from the initial position or even less than that.

3. Re Inserting Your Needle:-

You have to re-insert your needle now into the same hole where we left. Take the entire needle out now. Repeat in order to make a loop like formation and keep repeating the same step each time with a new loop formation taking place. You will see that a chain like formation has been embroidered on your piece of cloth.

4. Take inspiration from someone else’s work:

If you have some other piece of cloth with chain stitching or chain embroidery made over it, you can keep it in front of yourself to get inspired from its design. Simply watch out the pattern made by the designer and follow the same pattern with your needle.

5. Self-Practice Tutorials for a Better Support:-

If you go by the video learning websites like YouTube etc, you can easily find the self-practice tutorials of many hand stitching chain designs. Simply watch out the videos to learn from them and you will keep on getting creative with each coming day. You can also take help of some elder for the first time.

6. Keep Fortifying Your Art:-

Chain stitching by hands may prove to be unsuccessful for you if you are trying it for the first time, but if you keep trying it time and again with the same zeal, you will surely get succeeded and the day is not far when you will notice a professional embroider in yourself.


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