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How to Set Up Above Ground Pool

How to Set Up Above Ground Pool


The Pool is a place that is filled with water in order to swim and relax in hot weather when you are full of sweat and even the air conditioners fail to calm down the weather’s warmth. In such cases to have a pool built in your house proves to be the best option. You may keep it small or large depending on your priorities as well as space and requirements and you can keep it above or below the ground as well. The below ground level is common to almost all of us but in case you wish to set up above ground pool, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Set Up Above Ground Pool

How to Set Up Above Ground Pool

1. Gather All What You May Need:-

In order to make an above ground pool, first of all you will need to choose a perfect site for it. This may be the rooftop or you may even keep it close to the ground, but somewhat above the ground level as well. Simply gather all what you need along with a cup of coffee for yourself and you can go ahead and begin the construction.

2. Make the Pillars with Iron Bars Positioned:-

Now first of all, if you are to make an above ground swimming pool, that would need to have pillars constructed first of all on which you may be able to get the base constructed with the help of concrete mixture and then the whole approach can be made.

3. Have a Hardware Supply be kept ready:-

The hardware supply should be kept ready along with the flooring that would be made. The iron bars should also be bought to make the base perfectly stronger and the vitrified tiles should be chosen for the whole approach. The isolation should be made in a better way so as to avoid water being ejected to the base.

4. Choose the Area:-

Now you would just need to choose the area where you can go for the construction of the base. First of all a polythene sheet would be laid and then beams of iron bars would be laid on it and then mixture of concrete would be poured from upside constructing the base in a slab like way with the help of wooden blocks kept under it. The slab so constructed would be positioned over the pillars and after fixing it, the rest of construction will be made.

5.  Make the Construction:-

After the slab base gets fixed up, you would simply need to layer it up with cement mixture and then a layering of tiles would be made over it with the boundaries constructed to fill water in it. A reservoir kind of tank or pool would be built in this way that you can use for the purpose of swimming or storing water.

6. Develop the Boundaries and Then Get the Flooring done:-

The boundaries then need to be done with finishing and in order to do this a layer of cement mixture would be coated over the pillars as well as boundary and then the putty would be used. Afterwards you may choose to get the pillars painted and you may position staircase with your pool so as to make it perfect for yourself.


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