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How To Set A Character Limit In A Word Document

How To Set A Character Limit In A Word Document


Document prepared using Microsoft Word software which is a part of Microsoft Office suite is called a word document. Often this kind of document carries a “.doc” or “.docx” extension. Microsoft Word is one of the best word processors developed by Microsoft, which was released first in 1983 under the name Multi-tool word for Xenix systems but then it became one of the majorly used word processing and document creating softwares bought in use by the majority of firms. There is a feature in each and every word document which includes a user to set the character limit in it. If you are also looking for the ways to use this feature, you can follow the following steps for this purpose:-

How To Set A Character Limit In A Word Document

How To Set A Character Limit In A Word Document

1. Launch the Microsoft Word Application:-

If you have the Microsoft word application shortcut on your desktop, just click it in order to launch the application or else click start button and then click all programs to watch the list of all programs available on your computer from which you have to click Microsoft office suite and then Microsoft word application. The application will get run this way.

2. Change to Monospace Font:-

Now you have to change your font to monospace font. One such example of monospace font is Andalé Mono. You can change it to any other monospace font of your choice as well. Now, as it is a monospace font, each of its characters will take the same amount of space and you will easily be able to set a character limit for it as well

3. Setting the Character Limit:-

In order to set the character limit, you will need to adjust the margins or you can make changes with the indent as well as scale values while divide the character limit in order to determine the maximum line width in inches. The size of each character in the page is also kept constant say “12” for the entire document.

4. Example of Such Setting:-

If you divide the character limit by 10, you will get maximum line width in inches. If you wish to get a result of 6.3 inches, you should divide 62 by 10 which mean 62 characters per line. The character count is always displayed at the bottom of the screen on the lower portion of your window along with the page number.

5. Adjust Your Page Margins:-

In the last, we adjust the page margins so as to make the page fit properly into a print out. The entire character limit setting approach includes you to pick a size of word limit, setting the scale provided at upside and left side of your page and then it includes you to divide character limit in a line with the total number of lines fitting the page with the help of scale provided to you. Once you succeed in using the scale, you will get succeed in setting the character limit as well.


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