How to Sell on Flipkart for Beginners

How to Become a Seller on Flipkart


Flipkart is an online based shopping website with quality brand products to choose from. In order to make purchases from Flipkart, a user does not need to hire any rickshaw and carry heavy polythene bags, but instead the shopping is made easy with home delivery options. Flipkart is simply shopping at its best and thus a huge number of people are getting connected with it day by day. With great shopping experience increases the number of customers and thus even you can get connected with Flipkart in order to sell your products. In order to become a seller registered with Flipkart, you can follow these simple steps:-

How to Sell on Flipkart for Beginners

How to Sell on Flipkart for Beginners

1. Register with the Website:-

Open your browser and click its URL bar. Copy this website URL in its URL field. Once you open this link, the Flipkart seller registration page gets opened. You can make a seller profile after registering on this page filling the registration form. You can start selling once your submitted documents get verified by Flipkart.

2. List Your Products in the Specific Categories:-

Once your seller profile has been created after getting registered on Flipkart, you can manage to list your products under specific product categories with detailed specifications and pictures. All you have to do now is to wait for an order to receive for your product. Once you receive an order, you should pack the product and mark it “Ready for Dispatching”.

3. Picking Up the Product:-

Flipkart is not an alone name in the field of market sales. It has got some logistic partners, which help it in certain ways. Once you receive an order and prepare it for sales, someone related with the logistics partners of Flipkart comes at your pre-specified address in order to take the order from you and deliver it to the desired customer.

4. The Payment Is Settled Then:-

Once an order gets dispatched, Flipkart settles your payments within one week of its business work days. You never need to worry about the shipping of your products and instead Flipkart handles it for you. As a seller, only you decide the price of your products and Flipkart does not have any hand in it. The payment is made through NEFT transaction directly to your bank account within a week of sales.

5. Know What You Can Sell On Flipkart:-

Generally people ask me a question, what can be sold on Flipkart. Well, you can sell any product on Flipkart which is generally sold on it, but you can’t sell or offer services on Flipkart. Flipkart never charges any amount for just listing your products on it. You just have to pay it a commission amount when the product gets sold.

6. Documents Required For Making Sales on Flipkart:-

In order to make sales with Flipkart, you should have an original pan card, a VAT/TIN number which is mandatory for many of the products except books and unstitched dressing material. You should also have an ID proof, address proof and a cancelled cheque from a bank account as a KYC document.


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