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Psychological Effects of Keeping Secrets in Relationships

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A secret is an untold truth that you keep hiding from others. When you are in a relationship, it is very important that you disclose everything to your partner. If you keep secrets in your relationship, it is always prone to get affected with these secrets that you keep hiding from your partner. Actually, secrets divide two partners and make space for distance amongst them. Secrets deter even a flourishing relationship and take your partner away from you even if he does not speak about it to you. A secret can affect your relationship in following ways:-

who keeps romantic relationships secret

Psychological Effects of Keeping Secrets in Relationships

1. Makes Your Partner Spy on you:-

Though you may be successful in keeping it a secret. but still even if your partner has a slight amount of doubt on you, he/she will start spying on you. When you tell something to your partner, it causes less pain even if it hurts but when your partner spies on you and then comes to know about it, he is sure to get shattered into pieces.

2. He/She Is Sure To Get A Clue Some Day:-

Even if you don’t tell him/her about it, he is sure to know about it from someone else some day. A lie is always short lived and if you are keeping something hidden from your partner, it is as sinful as a lie. If you can’t tell your partner about a secret, you should at least tell it to someone else in your house. Say your partner’s mother or mother.

3. The More You Keep It Hidden, the More Distance Keeps On Making You Apart:-

When you keep something hidden from your partner, at least you know it even if your partner does not have a clue about what you are hiding from him. In such a time, you are not even able to make an eye contact with him if your love is true. Your partner will easily have an idea that you are hiding something from him this way.

4. Even If Your Partner Stays Quiet:-

Sometimes, your secret is never a secret and your partner knows about it from the beginning, but instead he is trying to adjudge you by staying quiet. By doing this, your partner tries to adjudge the time for how much can you keep something secret from him/her. It is thus better that you keep nothing hidden from your partner.

5. Enemy of Trust:-

Secrets are the worst enemy of trust. Someone has rightly said that trust once broken is always broken. Once your partner comes to know that you had kept something secret from him/her, he/she won’t be able to trust you back again. In most of the situations, this creates distance amongst two partners and even becomes the cause of divorce.

6.  Makes You a Part of Hatred:-

Keeping something hidden from your partner for a long time can make you a part of his/her hatred. The third person gets an advantage in such a time and he/she can easily make you both get apart of each other. Most of the husbands/wives who lose interest in their life partner are a victim of this situation only.


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