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How to Secretly Hypnotize Someone Quickly

How to Hypnotize Anyone Secretly


To hypnotize anyone refers to the art of making someone behave like the slave of your orders. When you hypnotize someone, he starts following whatever you wish to get done by him. Some hypnotism therapies are also applied in order to get a view of the past of such an associated person in psychological cases. Often we see that people make use of a pendulum or a threaded bob in order to perform hypnotism, but this can also be done without any such tool in a secret way following these simple steps:-

How to Secretly Hypnotize Someone Quickly

How to Secretly Hypnotize Someone Quickly

1. Develop a Kind of Relationship with Subject:-

A better hypnotist can make secret hypnotism possible by developing a kind of relationship with the subject and himself. This includes using your body language, voice, gestures, your eyes and simply all the other senses in order to possess the mind of another person.

2. Use Communication Skills:-

Your communication skills play a major part in hypnotizing someone. This is included in conversational hypnosis. This includes you to make the subject lie comfortably on his or her bed and close his or her eyes. You still keep on talking with the subject and take him to some other world with your voice. A hypnotist will still keep on talking with the subject when he or she will be in the other world and this will help the hypnotist to know what the other person is experiencing or going through in the other world. This approach is practiced with the cases which have a dreadful past in order to know about their experiences more precisely.

3. Gestures As a Mode of Hypnotism:-

Instead of a pendulum or a bob, the voice hypnotists use gestures made by their hand in order to hypnotize someone. They move one of their hands close towards the subject’s eyes and keep rotating their fingers in a strange manner. When the subject tries to concentrate on the movement, he or she gets hypnotized.

4. Silent Body Language or Sub-Communications:-

According to a newspaper report that I read yesterday, a hypnotist can hypnotize you even with sub-communication based approaches. He uses his body language to make an impact on your mind and his words prove to fortify the hypnotism spell bound.

5. A Magician’s Gaze:-

Just like when you are watching a magician’s show, he makes you hypnotized with multiple colors, lasers and his gaze in such a way that you are not able to notice the tricks going around, same is done by the hypnotists as well. They use their gaze to secretly hypnotize someone making eye contact with the person first and then when the subject starts paying attention to their words, he starts doing the same what hypnotists expect them to do.

6. Be Confident Enough:-

A hypnotist is confident enough. When you are lacking confidence, it is seen on your face and even the subject feels distracted, which can never make you be able to hypnotize someone. In some of the cases, people also hypnotize someone by telling them stories. These stories often have a hidden message that takes the viewers or listeners to the other world.


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