6 Secret Ways to Help You Catch Fish in River - HowFlux

6 Secret Ways to Help You Catch Fish in River

6 Secret Ways to Help You Catch Fish in River - HowFlux


A river serves to be a best way of catching fishes as it is always full of fresh running water and fresh running water serves to be the best place for fishes to reside in and thus a plenty of fishes can be found living in any river. The water in a pond is dirty and thus only selected varieties of fishes are available to live there while in water of a river, you may find various qualities of fishes and thus you can find out a great variety of fishes using this approach. In order to catch fishe, you may choose to go for the following ways:-

6 Secret Ways to Help You Catch Fish in River - HowFlux

6 Secret Ways to Help You Catch Fish in River

1. Use Net to Catch Fishe:-

The best way to catch fishes from a pond or river is to use fisherman’s net to do so. This is a professional approach as many fishes in a single time get caught using this approach. Generally when you are doing fish culture in a fish pond and then you try to catch fishes, this one serves to be the best option.

2. Fill Them in Bucket of Water:-

In case you are near to some river which contains a variety of fishes, you can simply enter the river with the lower ends of your jeans folded taking a bucket of water in your hands and then when a fish comes nearby, you can just use the bucket to fill water at once along with the fish in it. This approach can only be used for small fishes and can’t be used for a large scale fish catching.

3. Use a Pin Pointed Device to Catch Fishes:-

Simply take a pin pointed iron rod and stand by the river side making its edge even more sharper carving it with the help of a carving or sharpening tool and then use the same pin pointed iron rod to catch fishes stuffing it deep in their bodies when you spot them.

4. Catch them like a Lion:-

Do you know that even lion catch fishes. They do not have fishing equipment at all and they simply enter the river and stand still without making any hustle or hurry. When fish comes, the lion uses its mouth to catch it grabbing it in his teeth ripping it off and then eating it to quench his hunger.

5. Catch them with a Fishing Device:-

There are also a variety of fishing rods available in the market that includes a pulley to be attached with a rod along with a fishing wire that has been rolled down the pulley. You simply attach some fish food to the other end of fishing rod and when the fish tries to eat it, it gets caught and you can easily bring it out of the pond.

6. Catch Them with A Bate for them:-

Simply use some bate for the fishes and they get caught. Take an open vessel filled with corn seeds or some other bate kept in it and dip it inside the river. Fishes are sure to arrive in order to eat that food and when they come, simply grab them taking them out of the pond.