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How To SD Card Password Unlock

How To SD Card Password Unlock


These days it is quite common to use SD cards as storage means in a way that these are quite small in structure and can be carried easily. You can even make the SD card secured by encrypting it after getting it inserted with a memory card in the system or by locking it with the help of some encryption enabled phone. In case you forget the SD card password, it becomes a serious trouble for you and thus in order to break that password, you may choose to go for the following ways:-

How To SD Card Password Unlock

How To SD Card Password Unlock

1. Insert the Memory Card into Phone:-

In order to unlock the memory card password, first of all you will need to insert the memory card into the phone, but remember that you need not try to access its files after inserting it and instead you have to use the data cable in order to make a connection of the phone with your personal computer.

2. Connect the Phone with Data Cable:-

Connect the data cable one side to your phone and then other side to your personal computer’s dedicated USB slot. After the phone gets installed over the system you will need to Run File Explorer and Open the path C:\system. In the file explorer there would be the Mmcstore file that will help us recover the password.

3. Locating the Mmcstore File:-

As I told you earlier that the Mmcstore file would make us able to unlock the password of your SD card, you would be required to locate it now and after you locate this file following the step-2, simply rename it mmcstore.txt Copy that file (mmcstore.txt) to your PC and open it in Notepad. The file in notepad will also depict your password.

4. Your Password Will Be Located Within That File.

The Mmcstore file that we had recently opened in notepad would also be having the password of your SD card that you can enter into the password in order to open the memory card and then the password can be made disabled with the SD card in order to avoid such future problems.

5. Try Out Formatting The SD Card In Case of Application Locks:-

In case there is some application related lock problem, you may try formatting the entire memory card in such cases if the data is not important or else you may simply choose to uninstall such application with the help of which the SD card had been locked.

6. Get It to Some Expert Decryptor:-

In case none of the above mentioned approaches seems to make you help, you may also choose to meet some professional decryptor in order to get the data from your SD card decrypted and to make it as good as earlier when you had not locked it.


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