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How to Mount a Scope on a Browning X Bolt

How to Mount a Scope on a Browning X Bolt


Browning is a name related with arms manufacture. Browning Arms Company designs quality arms products popular equally as its name. One such product is browning bolt which is a bolt-action rifle. Scope on the other hand is an attachment accessory which once mounted on it gives it a kind of modification that every rifle owner wants. Scope assists you to be able to see your aim more precisely with your rifle and thus it enhances the quality of a shot and thus every browning bolt rifle owner likes to mount a scope with his rifle. In order to mount a scope over your browning bolt rifle, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Mount a Scope on a Browning X Bolt

How to Mount a Scope on a Browning X Bolt

1. Choose a Perfect Scope for Your Gun:-

First of all go through the list of products available on all concerned stores connected with Browning arms and then choose a perfect scope for your bolt rifle. Once you choose a product matching your rifle’s specifications, you can mount it over your rifle by placing your rifle in a gun vise over the table or any other safe location with the top of its receiver upward.

2. Begin by Removing the Bolt:-

In order to mount the scope on a browning-X bolt, we will begin by removing the bolt first of all. You should have a compatible one or two piece style base and eight screws of the correct length. If there is any amount of grease, oil or dirt reported over the rifle, you can clean it up from the receiver top and scope base parts so as to mount the scope in a better way.

3. Remove the Filler Screws:-

There will be eight filler screws on the top of receiver which you will need to remove in this step. Remove all eight of them using a thin screw driver of desired type and then pre-position the bases on top of receiver to determine the best orientation of the bases.

4. Insert Screws in the Base:-

Now we insert the screws through the bases and pre-position the screws in each of the respective holes in the receiver. You don’t have to tighten all these screws at once but instead I have advised you to keep them pre-positioned so that you may be able to tighten them slowly and steadily tightening each and every screw in small installments. Remember that the screws should be of appropriate length. Use a desired thread locking compound and make sure that the thread of each screw engage properly in the receiver threads to prevent stripping the threads in receiver.

5. Make Adjustments:-

Make adjustments while aligning the eye relief. The scope should be aligned in such a way that there is safe distance between eye and recoil. The alignment and distance is double checked and then we tighten the screws to fix the scope permanently at its place. Then you can go for a test shot with your browning rifle so as to double check the effectiveness and accuracy of your rifle scope.


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