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How Science is Useful to Us in Our Daily Life

how science is useful to us in our daily life


Science can be explained as a systematic enterprise that creates and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Science is the mother of discoveries and explanation to all the phenomenon’s, affects and happenings related to them. Science is not just about discovering new things, but it is also about finding reasons to the pre-existing facts in nature. Science is not useful just in the laboratory, but it is also of a great use in general life as well.

how science is useful to us in our daily life

How Science is Useful to Us in Our Daily Life

1. Why Do You Cover the Food:-

If we look around, there is science in everything around us. We keep the food covered as else it gets spoiled. This is called rancidity and it is itself a concept of science. All the diseases happening to humans and their treatment are itself a part of science. We keep cement away from moisture as we know that else it will get solidified. This is again a part of science.

2.  When Iron Starts Getting Corroded, You Paint it up:-

Science is of a great use even in our household. When iron gets corroded, we paint it up or use Grease in order to prevent it from getting further corroded. Science is in everything, even in the functioning of our body parts and formation of our body muscles. Science gives us a detailed analysis of each inch and every single particle from which our body is made.

3. You Know That Rains Are Acidic:-

When it is raining for the first time in weather of rains, our parents forbid us to bath in it even if they are uneducated. Science is not just in books, but it is in everything around us. Science is even in the formation of days and nights. Earlier there used to be no month like February in the calendar. Such discoveries were made because of science only. The concept of 365 days in non-leap years and 366 days in a leap year is also a concept which was possible to be explained only because of science.

4. All the Basic Knowledge That We Have Is From Science:-

All the basic knowledge that we have is direct result of science. All the appliances, instruments and machines we use in daily life are also a result of science. A single fan or motor that you bring in use in your house is composed of an electromagnet or solenoid. These approaches were also born because of science.

5. From Travelling in Trains to Travelling in an Airplane:-

Local Trains are prone to accidental hazards if buffers are not positioned in between. Bullet trains again use the concept of electromagnetism for their operation. Even an airplane could not fly till concepts like thrust and lift were not explained by science.

6. From Your Home to School and School to Workplace:-

Science follows you from your home to school and from your school to your workplace. All the machines that you see in your journey to school are made using scientific approaches. Even at your workplace, the computers that you use are possible because of scientific inventions like transistors and capacitors. Talking about a single fountain pen that you bring into use, it is also an outcome of science.


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