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How to Save the Planet by Recycling

Save the Planet by Recycling


If somebody asks you how to save the planet you are living in, the answer would probably come that I will wear a superman suit and a red underwear over it, will take a jet pack and fly over the countries to look if somebody is in need. Well the world today does not fears the human villains, but the natural crisis like hazards, weather change, ozone layer depletion, the combustion of non-renewable fuels and generation of pollutants and rapid deforestation and other such things that have become a global issues. In case you need to be a real life superhero and save the planet in a true way, you may choose to follow the tips we are providing here.

How to Save the Planet by Recycling

How to Save the Planet by Recycling

1. Make It a Family Rule to Sow Some Seed or Plant on Every Special Occasion:-

The best way to save the planet is to make it a family rule that a tree will be planted every time there is some good occasion and a seed will be sprouted on every birthday or anniversary of a member of family. This helps fight the rapid deforestation happening these days globally and this will also encourage others, including your children as well as neighbors to go for it.

2. Say No to Polythene Bags and the Plastic Based Products:-

Polythene bags have also become a major cause of environmental crisis these days and you may see that the most of garbage these days includes polythene bags in it. These polythene bags make the sewage areas get clogged and the innocent animals like homeless cows when do not find any food to eat, they choose to feed on these polythene bags only and later die out of cancer and other such problems. Completely shun the usage of polythene based products to save the planet.

3. Follow the Re-Use and Recycle Plan:-

People these days are going environment friendly by following the 3 “R” plan that includes reduce, recycle and reuse. This means you will reduce the usage of non-renewable sources, take every step to use the products again and again and after they get unfit for usage, you will go for recycling them again so that they can be bought in use once again.

4. Take a Pledge That You Will Not Burn Fuels Till, It is not much necessary:-

Take a pledge that you will not burn any sort of fuel till it does not gets too much essential to do that. Take a pledge that you will get your vehicles checked for pollution after a certain interval of time and take a pledge that you will use muscular power more than the non-renewable fuels. Try switching towards the renewable sources like solar power, wind power and biomass.

Save electricity by switching off all the appliances when they are not in use and try to decompose the organic waste instead of burning them. You should have separate dustbins kept in surroundings to collect the renewable things and separate the non-renewable stuff so as to deal with that like wisely and when you complete all these steps, you will yourself become a superman without underwear over the costume.


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