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How Everyone Can Help to Save the Environment

How to Save the Environment


With the world moving towards the concern that the environment is meeting depletion and deterioration crisis day by day, there comes a need to look for the approaches that can make us save the environment that we are living in. It should be known to all of us that if the environment gets spoiled, our lives will get spoiled and we won’t be able to survive on this planet. This cause of concern is not considered by almost all the nations either developed or developing and if you are a responsible citizen who cares about the planet as well as other fellow people, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose.

How to Save the Environment

How Everyone Can Help to Save the Environment

1. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse:-

The best approach to save the environment is to follow the three “R” approach which means to “Reduce”, “Recycle” and “reuse”. Try reducing the usage of non renewable things, try recycling the stuff that you have, like the plastic bottles, paper bags, etc. and try recycling the stuff that you think is not fit to be used again.

2. Say No To Non-Renewable Products:-

If it is possible, you should say no to the non-renewable products. Try making usage of the renewable products instead. Try carrying a paper bag instead of the polythene bag and try making usage of tetra or carton packs instead of poly packs.

3. Plastic Bottles Should Be Used Again And Again:-

The bottles of juice and cold drinks are made up of thick plastic and these can be bought in use in the kitchen to store water in refrigerator. The containers of other such stuff can be bought in use to store the cereals and other such kitchen based stuff. Reusing the items this way saves your money as well as environment both.

4. No Pollutants should be generated:-

Take a pledge that you will never burn a single leaf of tree or any poly bag or any other thing that generates the pollutants. Try taking a pledge that you will plant a tree on every special occasion in life. By following this approach, you are moving towards safeguarding the environment and when watching you the others will learn it, the environment will be safeguarded for sure.

5. No Burning of Polythene Or Tree Trunks:-

It has been observed that the people burn the tree stumps and polythene bags. These generate the carbonic pollutants. The fuel bought in use to burn such stuff is also non renewable and it also generates the pollutants to the atmosphere as well.

6. Use New and Renewable Forms of Energy:-

Try making the usage of new and renewable sources of energy rather than the non renewable ones. The world these days is moving towards the solar, wind and biomass energy. Try getting solar panels installed in your houses so as to make electricity in a renewable way. Try making less use of non renewable fuels like petrol and diesel and move towards a safe environment.


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