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Samsung Gear 2 Specification And Price In India

Samsung Gear 2


“Applications, Technology and Gadgets go hand in hand”. Same is the case with the gadget manufacturing company, Samsung, It keeps on launching new power packed gadgets for its customers that bring about a revolution in changing the lifestyles of people and making it ultra luxurious. Samsung has now come with its gear-2 which is a smart watch that comes power packed with features enough to make anybody press his fingers under his jaws. Here in this article we have come with the features of this gadget that will really make you go crazy about it, some of which are as follows:-

Samsung Gear 2 Specification And Price In India

Samsung Gear 2 Specification And Price In India

Power Packed Smart Watch:-

The Samsung Gear 2 was released on 11th of April, 2014 and is a successor to Samsung galaxy gear and is priced about 21,550 Indian rupees approximately. In comparison to Samsung galaxy gear, this gear came with several changes like replacement of the android system with a new specially developed “Tizen” operating system that enhanced the power of this smart watch. This operating system had added features like additional health software, etc. that enhanced its quality. The camera had been shifted from the watchband to the watch head and thus the bands could be changed with new ones. With all these changes that improved the quality of this gear, Samsung gear-2 became an awesome choice for all.

Samsung Gear 2 Specification:-

As told earlier, this gear works on the TIZEN operating system and has a1.0 GHz dual core C.P.U that comes power packed with an internal 4G.B memory as well as a RAM of 512 M.B that has provided an awesome speed to this gear. The resolution is simply awesome and there is a 1.63 inches display that is super amoled with RGB matrix of 320×320 pixels. The camera that comes in this device is of 2M.P and supports a high quality video recording of 720pixels. There is a Bluetooth and infrared option also.

An optical heart rate monitor is also provided at the bottom of the device. The battery is a small 300Mah one but is enough for a gear to function with an excellent backup. The charging is made by a special Micro USB-equipped charging case and there is also an abundance of applications that can be downloaded online from Samsung applications store.

Advantages of Samsung Gear 2:-

If you believe in living life king size, this gear is exclusively made for you. After doing much of the experiments with its body, design and software, Samsung has released it for all. This one is what you really worth. The operating system is simply awesome and after increasing the power of processor that the earlier released gear lacked, this one has become a perfect choice to make.

The Samsung gear-2 is available both online and offline, you can go to some Samsung outlet to order it or you may simply order it online. The connectivity is awesome and Samsung has really proven its best to improve its gear this time. The chipset is also a power packed one and the features like heart rate sensor make it a perfect gadget to be purchased to monitor your health. If you need some gadget to help you with the purposes related with your health, this gadget is simply a perfect choice for you.


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