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Samsung Galaxy Gear Price and Specification

Samsung Galaxy Gear


The Samsung Galaxy Gear 1 or simply the Samsung Galaxy Gear was the first gear watch manufactured by Samsung electronics company with a view to bring a revolution in gadget market trying to change the lifestyles of people with it. The Samsung gear had been released on September 25, 2013 much before its successor, the “Samsung Gear 2”. Samsung tried its best to provide the best quality features with this gear watch that operated with galaxy applications that could be downloaded from the store. This one really made the lifestyle of people to be luxurious and served for several purposes including health. Here in this article we have come with some of these features that proved to make this watch a worth for everybody some of which are as follows:-

Samsung Galaxy Gear Price and Specification

Samsung Galaxy Gear Price and Specification

1. Chipset And Power Specifications:-

The announcement of this gear was made on 4th September 2013 and when on September 25th 2013 it was finally released, it bought about a huge increase in number of its users with a rate of 15,500 rupees approximately. The chip used in this gear is of 800MHZ EXYNOX system-on-chip that provides high compatibility to the device. There is no provision for charging through a charger but the user is provided with a special micro-USB type charging case that is used to charge this device. The watch is a dirt resistant and is also resistant to short term exposure to water also.

2. Awesome Features:-

The display is really awesome about 1.6 inches in size and is a super amoled RGB matrix 320×320 pixel type display. The camera has been connected at the waistband which is about 1.9 mega pixels in resolution and provides 720p video recording. The gadget supports features like Bluetooth connectivity that make the features of connectivity possible with the device and the applications that have been provided by Samsung to be installed in this gear can be downloaded from the Samsung store that can be downloaded according to the requirement of the user. The presence of these multiple features make this device a device that everybody worth.

3. Usage of Breathtaking Technique:-

When Samsung launched this watch, people got overwhelmed with the features it came with. The watch operated on an Android 4.3 operated system that can be updated to the” TIZEN” operating system that Samsung launched with its next model of gear watch. The C.P.U. that came with this gear watch was of type single core 880Mah ARM type that made it an ultra powerful device to have. The gadget was equipped with an internal storage of 4G.B and a powerful RAM of 512Mb enhancing the speed of the gadget.

4. Why Should I Purchase It?

If you are conscious about your health and look for a gadget that can really change your lifestyle, the Samsung galaxy gear is an awesome choice for you. This gadget can serve for health purposes as well as time saving and time managing purposes also. The device is compatible with all the Samsung galaxy smart phones and tablets which operate on android 4.3 or a higher updated version. Though the “TIZEN” operating system came much late, after this watch was released, but still Samsung made it available for this device also.


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