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How to Run Android Apps on PC with Bluestacks

to run android apps on pc with bluestacks


The applications downloaded from app store on Android devices are not accessible over most of the personal computer devices and laptops, but in case you have got an android emulator application installed in your system, even the android applications can be played on personal computer and you can use it on these devices like the way you used them over your android handset. Simply have an android application player installed and you get sorted. In case you wish to run Android applications over your personal computer, you may choose to go for the following ways:-

to run android apps on pc with bluestacks

How to Run Android Apps on PC

1. Get Bluestacks Installed in Your System:-

The best way to run android applications on your computer system is to have the bluestacks application installed on it. Bluestacks is basically a kind of android emulator that makes you run android based applications on the windows or linux computer platforms. This one is what I am currently using on my windows based computer though there are several other such applications as well.

2. Run the Application:-

After you have got the application installed within your system, you might need to have data switched on for the execution of several applications on it and thus we advise you to have data connected. After the application gets run successfully on your PC, you would be able to access any of the android application stored on it.

3. The Other Such Android Emulators:-

As I told you earlier that there are also several other android emulator software available with internet that you can download in place of bluestacks application to be able to use android applications with your system and the other ones in this list include Andy or you may even search directly for such android emulators over internet.

4. Have Better RAM Compatibility:-

Keep one thing in mind while trying to run android application emulator on your system that when an application has to run various other applications and that too at the same time, it would need a compatible RAM as well as this is the only memory that does not let the computer get hanged in between and thus you should double check if your computer has got at least 2 GB of memory in order to run such applications without getting hung in between.

5. Use Whatsapp or Facebook within the Go:-

The applications like facebook mobile or whatsapp are made easy to use making use of the android application emulators like bluestack or andy etc. You may even use several games on this kind of applications in miniature mode with a separate window opened on screen that resembled that of your smart phone mobile. The difference between the normal applications in your computer and with that of android is only that the android applications will be having “.apk” extension with them.


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