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How to Root your Android Phone with a Computer

How to Root Android Phone


Rooting an android phone means opening up the features that are made restricted by the manufacturer. The process of rooting makes you the admin of your phone and thus you can access its system files as well. Rooting makes you get the most out of your device and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us do it in a smart way, some steps for which have been explained by us in this article.

How to Root your Android Phone with a Computer

How to Root your Android Phone with a Computer

1. Rooting Programme:-

In order to root your android phone first of all, you will need to have a rooting programme. You can choose to download any of the rooting programme like Unlock Root or simply any other rooting software online with the help of internet and get it installed in your device. Check if your mobile is supported in the list of that programme or not?

2. Additional Requirements:-

While going to root your phone, you might even need the specific drivers for your phone. Be prepared in advance and download these drivers in advance. These drivers will need to be installed in your phone after going for the rooting approach. Ensure that you download the proper drivers for your specific phone model.

3. Making Connection Of Computer And Your Device:-

Connect your phone and computer using the proper U.S.B cable for it. Make sure you are using a genuine data cable in order to do so. Run the rooting software the moment your phone gets recognized by the computer and you can now go for the further rooting approaches.

4. Rooting Your Phone:-

When you run the rooting software, a menu will appear on the screen from which you need to select your phone and press the root button after the device is selected, the rooting process will start this way. The gadget will stay in the download mode during the process and you simply need to follow the instructions that appear on your home screen now. The phone will reboot after it gets rooted and the rebooting will happen various times to root your phone.

5. After completing rebooting:-

The phone will get start again after rebooting and you will see a message that will display rooting success at your home screen. The phone has been rooted and you are now the only admin or it who can access all the system files of your phone. Click the “safely remove U.S.B. cable option” clicking the right hand side gear at the lower portion of windows of your computer and Shut down the computer when the whole process gets complete. You can now detach the U.S.B cable as well and remove the phone from it.

6. Rooting Tips and Precautions:-

Rooting can really prove to be a headache for you if your battery gets ended while doing so. Remember to fully charge your phone’s battery while doing so and remember to put your computer on the U.P.S mode. Remember not to operate anything else on your multi-application android set in order to avoid any unfortunate happening with your gadget.


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