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Respiratory Virus Symptoms

Respiratory Virus Symptoms


The respiratory virus is the virus that affects the respiratory system of any individual that becomes the host to this virus. This virus may affect both the infants and the adults. The respiratory virus is likely to cause the following symptoms :-

Respiratory Virus Symptoms

Respiratory Virus Symptoms

1. Runny Nose:-

The nose of the patient of the respiratory virus is likely to remain congested all of the time and may keep running all the time. The patient is likely to develop dry cough or even a mild fever in some cases. There may be the sore throat problem associated with the patient and a mild headache associated with the patient. The symptoms may lead to low respiratory tract illnesses such as pneumonia or bronchiolitis and suffering of small airway passages entering the lungs of the specific person may even be observed.

The person suffering this disease may even experience fever and there may be severe cough or wheezing associated with the patient.

2. Breathing Problem:-

Whenever the patient of respiratory virus tries to breathe, a highly pitched noise may be heard while he tries to breathe and there may be rapid breathing or difficulty in breathing even may take place with the patient of respiratory virus.

3. Change In Skin Color:-

There may be lack of oxygen in the patient and due to the lack of oxygen in him, the skin may take bluish color. Lack of oxygen in anybody is likely to make the skin color get blue and change in color from the original skin tone as the sign of lack of oxygen indication in the body of the individual.

4. Change In The Infants:-

The respiratory virus affects the infants more vigorously as they may markedly draw in their chest muscles and the skin between the ribs what becomes the symbol that they are feeling a sort of difficulty to breathe. Some of the patients that suffer from the problem of the respiratory virus may even develop cough in them.

5. Change In The Eating Habits:-

The person with the respiratory virus in him eats much poorly and gets lethargic un-usually and gets irritable. Most of the children and the adults with this virus in them get recovered from the illness in one to two weeks but in the case of the infants that are born pre-maturely or the adults with chronic heart or lung problems in them might be associated with more severe infections what may even require the patient to get hospitalized. The other symptoms that may follow include the difficulty in breathing or high fever may be associated with the person and is likely to turn the lips blue in color and the color of the nail beds is also likely to change.


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