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6 Ways to Replace the Hard Drive in Laptop

How to Replace Hard Disk in Laptop


A laptop is a mini computer which can run even if the electricity goes off. There is a small battery positioned in every laptop which makes it able to be bought into use even when there is no electricity. The power requirements for a laptop are also low and it can be placed easily on your lap in order to use it. All the stuff stored in your laptop gets stored in its hard disk drive and if something goes wrong with the same hard disk, you have to replace it with a new one. You can change or replace the hard disk in your laptop following these simple tips:-

6 Ways to Replace the Hard Drive in Laptop

How to Replace the Hard Drive in Laptop

1. Switch off the Laptop:-

If your laptop is under guarantee, you should never try to replace the hard disk yourself as opening the screws of your laptop can make its warranty and guarantee options get void permanently. Instead, you should reach the customer care unit of your laptop’s manufacturer company in order to get this done. If your laptop is not under guarantee and you have made your mind to do this yourself, you can begin this approach by first Removing the Back Panel of your laptop in a careful manner.

2. Open up the Screws:-

Open up the screws of your laptop now. There are tiny screws with which your laptop has been perfectly fitted. You will need a screwdriver of perfect thickness in order to perform this operation. It is better if the screwdriver is magnetic as it will keep the screws attracted to it and else the screws may fall and may get lost.

3. Removing the Old Drive:-

Now, after the laptop back panel gets removed, you have to lift the old drive to about 30 to 45 degrees and pull it out. Install the SSD in its place. The hard disk will be connected with the laptop board and in order to remove it out, you will need to detach the board connection made with hard disk.

4. Remove the Correct Connectors:-

Approximately every hard disk is connected with the board by means of plastic connectors and connecting cables. In order to remove a hard disk and to position a new hard disk in its place, you will need to take the help of these connectors. Beware not to make any kind of damage to these connectors as else it may spoil the functioning of your full laptop.

5. Take the Help of User Manual If needed:-

With approximately all company packed laptops, the company also packages a user manual in which there is detailed information about every part and component of your laptop. There is also detailed information to detach/attach/assemble these components and if you feel any kind of doubt while making changes with your laptop, you can bring these specifications in use.

6. Re Assemble the Laptop Back:-

After removing the old hard disk and positioning the new hard disk in its place, you can assemble the laptop back. For this purpose you will have to place back the back panel at its proper place and then you have to re-screw the back panel with the help of screws and screwdriver like we did in step one. You can install the windows, then and your laptop will start functioning again.


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