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How to Replace a Dormer Vent in 6 Easy Steps

How to Replace a Dormer Vent


Dormer Vents allow heat to rise and escape out of the vent itself. There is a small screen inside it which prevents about the rodents etc from entering it and reaching the roof. Installing a dormant vent in roof is a labor taking job and you need to remove a lot of shingle in order to replace a dormer vent. Installing a dormer vent is not a tough job and it can be re-installed the same way you had installed it earlier. All it takes from your side is a bit of care and a proper approach to be bought into use. Replacing a dormer vent can be really difficult for a person if he or she has to deal with a great number of shingles. In order to replace a dormer vent, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Replace a Dormer Vent

How to Replace a Dormer Vent

1. Take up your tools:-

In order to replace a dormer vent, you will need tools like crow bar nails, hammer, flashing dormer vent, Saw chalk or marking chalk, Caulk Screws etc. You may also need other home based tools and thus you should keep your toolkit nearby.

2. Begin by marking the position of dormer vent:-

Now we will begin by marking the position of old dormer vent first. Just draw a line of chalk around it and we get sorted. Now start removing all of the shingles one by one covered by that outline.  Mark the position of vent on inside and then we can begin cutting the wood for attic.

3. Cut the wood of your attic:-

Here comes the time to cut wood for your attic. Once you finish marking the shape of dormer vent, we can start this approach. Just take wood and cut it down with a saw in the area marked on inside. Remove the insulation to have a full hole from attic to outside the roof cutting it slightly smaller than the actual vent.

4. Fit the vent with screw:-

Here comes the time to fit the vent with screw. Just screw the inside of dormer vent into position. I think you will need four screws for each of the corners. Complete this inside portion and then proceed with the outside portion. Push the outside part of vent into the inside and secure it with the help of nails.

5. Add the Flashing:-

Here comes the time to add flashing. Cut off the flashing to fit around the edge of dormer vent. To the sides of flashing, we will use iron nails so that it gets buttressed tightly against the vent. We will caulk all the edges then we will make the vent and flashing in a waterproof manner.

6. Add the shingles:-

The last step here is to add the shingles. Shingles are brought into use to secure the flashings into position and you can use enough of them for this purpose. Secure each of these shingles adding roofing nails through the middle of each. Add caulk or tar around the edge of these shingles. Leave them to dry afterwards and your mission gets accomplished this way.


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